You may still get COVID even if you’re vaccinated; watch out for these 5 symptoms

A recent study outlined five common symptoms seen in those who have received the coronavirus vaccination in order to refute the notion that those who have already been exposed to the coronavirus are resistant to future infections.

The immunised persons should be on the lookout for these five symptoms, according to the UK’s ZOE COVID.

Chronic Cough

With COVID, a recent, persistent cough is typical. Long coughing sessions may make one feel exhausted. They could then become too worn out to perform even the simplest daily duties. Chronic coughs can be treated at home using herbal treatments.

Try sipping some ginger tea to numb the pain before a coughing attack starts.

Runny nose

According to the study, a runny nose is a common symptom. Earlier COVID waves also showed this common sign. Even after having the required immunizations, many people continue to experience runny noses since it is a respiratory ailment.

Watery nasal discharge from the viral illness is present all day. Only a very small percentage of people with runny noses also have blocked nasal passages. Sometimes, steaming may be relaxing.

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Nose blockage

Breathing is challenging when the nose is blocked. Even when you are seated, you scream for air. When a person is attempting to sleep but can’t breathe regularly because of a clogged nose, sleeping becomes difficult.

Instead of using nasal sprays, which may only provide temporary relief, it is advised to breathe in steam to maintain the nasal passages free of infections.


A headache is also apparent, along with a sore throat, a cough, and a clogged nose. Simple tasks like breathing could become challenging, which might have a significant impact on your mental health. Pains and headaches may also be brought on by the virus.

The newest relative of omicron is the new Covid variation BF.7.

Throat pain

During the early stages of the Omicron driven COVID wave, this symptom started to emerge as one of the more prevalent ones. According to the ZOE COVID research, sore throats were the most common COVID symptoms among people who had received vaccinations.

The symptoms of this illness include a persistent burning feeling in the throat, difficulty swallowing, and difficulty speaking.

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