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Are you seeking for software that can condense the IP addresses connected to Microsoft and Sony’s Xbox and PlayStation gamer tags and usernames? As a result, you are at the right place.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the “xResolver” platform and website, which transforms gamer tags and usernames into a clear IP format. Now, shall we study “xResolver”?

Explain xResolver.

The IP addresses linked to the Gamertags and usernames for the PlayStation and Xbox are shortened via the official website Xresolver.

Gamer tags, domain names, and usernames can all be converted into IP format using the helpful website Xresolver.

How to use the Xresolver?

The clear and easy-to-use nature of Xresolver is a result of its user-friendly design. If you are experiencing any difficulties using Xresolver, you must adhere to the guidelines provided below.

  • launch xresolver.com as the official website.
  • Select PlayStation or Xbox Resolver (the relevant choice should appear) • Type the IP address to convert it to an Xbox gamer tag.
  • After that, click “Resolve.”

Once you’ve finished, you may use the same method to convert PlayStation gamer tags to IP addresses or IP addresses to PlayStation gamer tags.

When you submit the gamer tag to resolve, it will undoubtedly be transformed to IP format. Enter your PSN login to learn how to convert your PlayStation to IP format. The PlayStation is the same.

How Do I Un-Blacklist and Remove Myself?

Above, we discussed how to hide your gamer tag or IP addresses. When you blacklist yourself from the resolver, your gamer tags, usernames, and IP addresses will no longer be stored in databases, making it difficult for anybody to find your IP addresses.

The services of Microsoft and Sony can be protected using this method from attacks by third parties or hackers. You must additionally carry out the following actions while backlisting your IPs:

You need to use a VPN in order to hide your particular IP address.

You must contact your ISP if you want to modify your IP address.

Make careful not to engage in impromptu meetings and keep your distance from sketchy individuals to prevent your IP address from being included to their database.

How can I sign up for Xresolver to have full access?

There is no need for further information, and registration or joining is straightforward. Simply follow the steps outlined below in order to access and use the Xresolver fully:

  • Visit https://xresolver.com to access the official website.
  • Find the “Register” button and click it.
  • You may sign up by completing the form.
  • Your “Username” and “Email address” must be entered.
  • After entering your “Password” and “Password confirmation,” click the Register button.

If you already have an active account, you may sign in after completing it by choosing the “sign-in” option.

Benefits and Features of xResolver MISC Tools

The Xresolver tool further has the following features and benefits. They are available for usage and may be found on an official website:

keeper of IP logs

Xresolver is a comprehensive IP logger tool that enables you to create and send personalised URLs to individuals in order to gather their IP addresses.

Full IP Address with Trustworthy Geo IP Information

Browser operating system recognises incognito/private mode (Coming Soon).

FREE Restrictions

Create a page with a maximum of 10 results. In the end, the oldest result will be dropped.

the capacity to display the browser, ISP, country, and city.

High-end caps

Create ten pages with 100 results each.

Viewing Country, City, ISP, Browser, and System OS, as well as IPv4/IPv6.

Username on PSN:

The PSN username application will check the accessibility of the PlayStation Network username. The registration process can then start.

Select “Resolve” after entering your PlayStation Network account.

IP-based storage

Using an IP storage tool, you may save and organise the IPs you want to save. The IP storage feature allows you to save up to 100 IP addresses; just make sure your account is up to date. After three months of inactivity, all of your data will be automatically erased from your account.

25 IP addresses may be kept with a free account.

Premium Accounts come with Unlimited Storage.

What’s my IP?

In addition, Xresolver provides a free IP check tool that makes it easy and quick for you to find your current IP address. Using this programme, you may discover your public IP address.

Find a phone:

Wherever you input your phone number, the phone lookup tool is a terrific feature that enables you to show details about your phone number, including the country, location, carrier, and line type. When entering the phone number, make careful to include the country code.

Nmap Port Scan

Using the NMAP Post scan tool, you may securely connect to the host of your choosing from our servers. While doing port scans, the host would learn your IP address.

About Xresolver

2017 saw the creation of the xResolver website, which supports “Xbox” and “PlayStation.” Along with the ability to change Xbox or PlayStation usernames or gamer tags, xResolver also offers IP Logger, PSN Username, IP Storage, IP Checker, Phone Lookup, and Nmap Port Scan features.

According to the most recent data gathering, the xResolver has:

  • Online users total 241,586.
  • 1,168 users are online, and there are 24,735,431 records.
  • Disclaimer: This work’s only goal is to educate.

Related xResolver FAQs

Describe xResolver.

The Gamertags and usernames of Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox are turned into IP addresses by a helpful service called Xresolver.

Who Designed xResolver?

The domain name xResolver, which has been registered with Tucows Domains Inc. for more than two years and was just renewed, will expire in 2023 after one year. The xresolver project was also developed by the Octosniff team.

Is Xresolver illegal?

Since this is public knowledge, anyone with the right equipment may easily determine your IP address. But it might be concealed using xResolver. So we can say that based on our game knowledge.

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