Worldle Game: Play the Geography Version of ‘Wordle’

Yeah, we are discussing “Wordle,” and it is unmistakably not a misprint. We commonly confused the game Wordle with the game “Worldle” when it first came out, however, “Worldle” is a brand-new game for all geography enthusiasts.

An online word game called Wordle was developed by Josh Wardle. It’s a favorite of everybody. Josh is a developer that has experience with The Button and Reddit’s Place social projects.

Worldle Game Play the Geography Version of ‘Wordle’

Several additional games in the same genre were created as a result of this straightforward word-guessing game. Players in Wordle get six chances to correctly guess a five-letter word.

With each guess, the letters’ colors change, showing how close you are to correctly guess the word.

But how do you believe “Worldle” ought to be performed? It’s pretty straightforward, and you’ll value it.

What is ‘Worldle’

In terms of how the game should be played, I think the name speaks for itself. Here is a link to Worldle before we begin the game.

You must guess the name of a nation after viewing its geographical location on the game’s website.

If you’re a geography nerd, you can guess what the country’s cut-out map will look like. Similar to the original Wordle game, you will have six chances to correctly guess the name of the nation.

But, the games are made simpler since you will earn a percentage each time you guess the nation, which acts as a tip. The clue gives a hint as to how far away the nation is.

How To Play ‘Worldle’?

Each estimate must correspond to a real nation or region. The distance, direction, and closeness between your response and the target nation will be provided after each estimate.

A new Worldle will be accessible every day. You have six guesses as well. The shown distances represent the separations between the centers of the selected and target territories.

Although having a shared border, the United States and Canada are separated by a distance of around 2260 kilometers.

How to play Worldle map game online

Due to Worldle’s ease of use and the fact that you only have six daily tries to complete the challenge, thousands of players have already played it in just a few days (the same for everyone, too). After the user has figured out the nation, they won’t be given the chance to play again for 24 hours. From our perspective, it is a success since it is marketed as an engaging daily task.

The distances displayed are the ones between the location and the centers of the chosen area. Even though they share a border, the United States and Canada are separated by a determined distance of around 2,260 kilometers.


  • Identify the concealed nation after six tries.
  • Each attempt must come from a legitimate nation on the list that provides
  • The color of the letters changes with each guess to indicate how close you are to correctly guess the word.
  • If you make a mistake, the screen will display the proper distance and direction.

To heighten the interest and excitement to try to uncover the nation of the day and the competition between users to identify the word first, the game allows the results to be shared on social networks while illuminating the sequence of tries with colors but concealing the outcome. Every day, a word from a different nation!

Example Of How To Play Worldle

Let me give you a clear example because it might be a bit unclear at times.

  1. For instance, Chile was your guess. Given that the target country is 13557 kilometers away and is located in the northeast, there is only a 32% probability that you will be near it.
  2. Finland is your second-best estimate, and you’re getting closer. 3206 kilometers distant, leaning towards the southeast, and 84 percent likely.
  3. It’s your chance to identify the nation, Lebanon. Congrats! As Lebanon is the right response, it is clear that the estimate is 100% accurate.

Example Of How To Play Worldle

Worldle was developed by @teuteuf, who also received full credit for the project on the website.

Josh Wardle’s (@powerlanguish) Wordle, which was developed, had a big impact on Worldle.

It’s exciting to see how many people are playing this game, even those who were startled to realize they could choose the nation since they didn’t think they were very good at geography.

Have you ever attempted to play Worldle? Because you ought to check it out. You can also let us know how many tries it took you to pick the right nation in the comments section below. Enjoy playing Worldle right now!

Worldle Word Game Updates

Each day you will receive 1 country or territory geography map puzzle to complete as well as infinite solutions and word games by playing every day. The Worldle New World Puzzle Update Time is midnight local time. The greatest cheats and tips are to play the daily word games solely on the game’s official website.

Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

What is the worldle map game?

In the game Worldle, participants must estimate a nation once every day. You have six tries to estimate the location after seeing a silhouette of it in the game.

How do you play a worldle map game?

The objective of the game is to correctly identify a strange nation after six trials. It indicates your proximity to the country of the day with each attempt, indicating your progress with a series of tips.

What is the goal of the map game?

Create as many hints as you can to correctly identify the nation they show you in 6 tries or less.

What is the name of the country wordle?

Using a graphic, the map game asks you to identify a nation. Although it seems simple, there are no tips and just six chances to get it properly. Every time you try, the game instructs you to estimate the country’s distance in kilometers and the direction you should look in.

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