Welcome to the best spa in Lahore, where you may have a distinctive experience and soothing treatments. The greatest spa services in Lahore are provided by Indigo.

You may revitalise your spirit and find inner peace with the aid of our specialised spa services. In the steam room and sauna, your muscles may relax. We put you in a deep state of relaxation by using detoxification and exfoliating techniques.

We use pure essential oils and anti-aging substances in our well-known body massages and facial treatments. While you are a visitor to Indigo on the fourth floor, we kindly invite you to utilise our spa’s services.

Our fantastic spa is designed to supply the best treatments and give our valued clients piece of mind. Our Lahore spa offers massages that might ease fatigue, chronic bodily pains, and work-related stress.

They can also assist you in preserving your emotional, physical, and mental health.

We take pride in being one of Lahore’s top massage establishments and providing the best massage available. We provide a variety of stress-relieving treatments, including massages, because travelling may be taxing.

From the choices we offer, you may select the one you want. With the help of our spa rituals, you may completely decompress, refuel, and store your sensation of wellness.

Your comfort and peace of mind are very important to us. A massage can be utilised for purposes other than self-care. We provide several massages, all of which are beneficial to your health.

With the help of our massages, you can recover from migraines brought on by stress and worry. With the help of our massages, you may recover from migraines brought on by stress and worry.

We provide tourists free access to our Lahore massage facility and work wonders with our treatments.


We provide the best massage spa in Lahore using natural ingredients and essential oils. After utilising our services, you’ll discover that your skin is smoother.


We provide customised treatments, facials, and massages for you based on the type of skin you have. As your Lahore spa, you can count on us.


Our professionals can help you with your problems. Utilizing the information on our website, you can contact us by phone or email.


We occasionally provide specials and packages at our spa in Gulberg Lahore so that we may give our customers the best services possible.


You can contact us at any time, and our staff will be pleased to assist you. We may also set up customised services for you.


We are without a doubt the best massage parlour in Lahore. While providing you with peaceful and unwinding spa services, we maintain a professional environment.


Treat yourself or a special someone to a day of spa services in Indigo’s Sauna & Steam room. Our goods are carefully made and delivered, offering the pinnacle of upscale escape.

It can improve metabolism, help you fall asleep, and cleanse your body while also promoting cardiovascular health. Due to their beneficial benefits on physical health, guests of the indigo hotel in Gulberg enjoy the sauna and steam rooms on the fourth floor.

Heat therapy has several benefits for your brain’s wellness as well. It has the ability to prevent multiple sclerosis, limit plaque formation, and promote the production of neurotrophic factors that are lacking in the brain.

Additionally, using saunas has been linked to increased cognitive stimulation. Heat therapy encourages growth and benefits your brain in several ways.

It has the ability to prevent multiple sclerosis, limit plaque formation, and promote the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factors.

Sauna use has also been linked to greater levels of cognitive stimulation. Our modern sauna room costs and affordable steam room prices are great.

The furnishings are designed to encourage tranquilly and relaxation. Included amenities include towels, bathrobes, and steam rooms. You should include Indigo’s Spa Center to your list of local modern saunas and accessible steam rooms.

Come see us and utilise our services. By utilising saunas, you might improve your physical and emotional health. It also helps to clean the skin and prevents sickness.

It also makes it easier to get deeper sleep. The sauna stimulates activity and calorie burning while increasing blood flow, lowering blood pressure, clearing congestion, and relieving pain. Visit us to take advantage of our sauna and steam room.


On the fourth level of the Indigo Hotel, there is a spa facility that includes a salt room. The vast majority of people are not aware of the wonderful advantages salt rooms may have for you, therefore we built one to better look after you and provide the best services.

It helps your skin and lungs, which both benefit. In order to demonstrate our commitment to health, awareness, and wellbeing, we have included a salt room treatment.

A salt room’s ability to treat skin conditions like psoriasis and acne is by far its most important advantage. For the treatment of skin conditions, Indigo offers salt beds.

Shoes are not permitted in the salt chamber, but socks are. Cell phones, food, and beverages are all prohibited. But you should always have a bottle of water on you to stay hydrated.

We appear when a Gulberg customer looks for a local salt room or salt spa. In the salt room, we support our customers’ yoga and meditation practises. Visit our salt room to unwind, meditate, and take deep breaths.

We provide bundles and seasonal discounts to keep our consumers entertained. We provide a multitude of amenities at the wellness centre for both daily and recurring fees.

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