Top backup software of 2022

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1. Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office

The full-featured backup programme Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, previously known as Acronis True Image, guarantees that “no file will ever be lost again.”

Data is concurrently sent by this backup programme to a local disc and a cloud storage option. In only two simple clicks, it can also do mirror imaging and cloning functions for the system drive of your computer.

In order to protect data from this increasingly common sort of assault, Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office offers an anti-ransomware technology that can even undo the unlawful encryption of a hard disc. Additionally, backup for mobile devices is supported. On the negative side, all of this archiving uses up some system resources and may potentially prolong boot times.

A one-year membership includes built-in ransomware defence. You must upgrade to the Advanced plan in order to use cloud backups. 5TB of storage and electronic signatures are included with the Premium package.

2. EaseUS ToDo Backup

With options for companies, households, and even service providers, EaseUS ToDo Backup is a solution that has been available for more than ten years. It provides applications for the Mac and Windows (XP and above) operating systems.

In the Home and Home Office tier, it offers hardware RAID, multiple partitions, and cloud backups. It can manage an incremental or complete backup for up to 16TB of data.Although there is a free tier, people who are really interested in regularly monitoring their backups will find that the single premium Home tier provides greater capabilities.

The Home edition is offered for a one-time price, or you may choose to pay annually or every two years.Additional choices for servers and technicians are available in the Business options for a single Workstation, providing an even wider variety of functions.

3. Paragon Backup & Recovery

A versatile solution is provided by Paragon Backup & Recovery to make complicated backup solutions simpler. What will be backed up and where the data will be saved are both specified by the Create Backup Job wizard.

This programme can quickly establish complicated routines, including automatic backup, and it supports all common backup procedures. The WinPE recovery disc is a notable feature; in the worst situation, it may save the day when your computer won’t even start. Users may quickly recover data, resolve boot issues, and even do a restore using a bootable USB stick.

For a single home user licence, a home plan is paid. You must get a quotation from Paragon for business customers.

4. NovaBackup

Making a duplicate of your computer’s hard drive on local media is an important backup chore, and NovaBackup is a reliable backup solution that is offered as a subscription. This will work for basic users, however it is lacking in support for more complex jobs, other platforms except Windows and Linux, and the interface.

However, it does at least offer backup to cloud providers and includes any software updates (including OneDrive and Dropbox).

As the programme operates locally to transmit the data to a local media drive and does not connect to the internet, NovaBackup PC’s main feature is the protection it offers. Additionally, AES 256-bit encryption may be used to execute the backup for added protection.

For a single PC, home users must pay a yearly membership fee that provides security against data loss, ransomware, and hardware malfunction. Additionally, a server version is offered, which is HIPAA compliant and optionally supports virtual machines, SQL, and Microsoft Exchange.

5. Genie9 Timeline

Genie Backup Manager can be set up in three easy steps and guarantees “effortless protection for all your data.” For Windows XP and later, there is a trial available, but not for other systems.

Genie Backup Manager is not a very complete programme since it is focused on conventional disc backup to a media drive and the creator provides separate solutions for other circumstances like Android backup and cloud backup requirements.

The programme is running silently in the background as an icon on the Windows system tray. Notable features include the choice of doing the backup in Smart Mode, which automatically adapts itself depending on the available system resources, or in Turbo Mode, which does the backup at maximum speed.

This programme offers a Game/Movie option for individuals who detest interruptions, which automatically mutes any obtrusive pop-ups to ensure that your gaming or watching experience is not interfered with. There is a mobile app for iOS, but not for Android, which is more widely used.

Also consider these backup solutions

There are a few additional choices to think about, not the least of which is free backup software (opens in new tab), which is still beneficial but often has fewer setups and features you may tailor to your needs. Of course, there’s also always the choice to utilise cloud backup software (opens in new tab). Here, we’ll take a closer look at a few of those choices:

The new moniker for Google Drive is Google One (opens in new tab), which offers up to 15GB of free storage for residential users. You just need to download, install, and use the Google Backup and Sync software on your computer to establish a folder in your Windows file explorer where you may save your most crucial documents.

Although there are paid upgrade choices, if you wish to backup and sync a big hard disc, this may get costly over time.Microsoft Office 365 comes with a backup and sync storage solution called Microsoft OneDrive (opens in new tab).

Although there is a free version with up to 10GB of storage, it has the same drawbacks as the paid version, not the least of which is that you’d be better off using cloning or imaging tools to back up your whole hard drive. Even so, it’s a good idea to safeguard the most important documents.

Another cloud server that lets you keep significant documents online is Dropbox (opens in new tab). Like Box, Dropbox is free to use but has the same restrictions. However, as previously, it may be quite helpful to be able to keep a smaller number of crucial files, such as those needed for work, education, creative endeavours, and the like.

Installing and configuring Cobian Drive (opens in new tab) for local usage means that your saved files and folders are stored elsewhere on your computer, such as a second hard drive designated for backups or an external hard drive designated for the same reason. Although the programme is a bit dated, it is still valuable and a viable option for a free remedy.

The commercial version of the free backup service, Backup4all (opens in new tab), comes with more sophisticated features and a wizard to make setting up your backup choices simple. The programme is reasonably priced, and you can try it out for 30 days without paying anything. It may save to a USB stick, a specific cloud service, as well as supporting local and external hard discs.

How we tested the best backup software

We first create an account with the appropriate software platform, whether it be a download or an online service, in order to conduct our tests for the best backup software. The service was then put through its paces to evaluate how effectively it could backup data from both standard hardware and external hard drives.

The goal was to test each software platform to see how helpful its fundamental tools were and how simple it was to understand any more sophisticated features.

Which free backup software is best for you?

Consider how challenging it could be to recover the data before choosing which backup programme to download and use. For instance, not all will simultaneously backup several partitions. Furthermore, free or inexpensive software alternatives could come with restrictions on the amount of data or the number of items you can truly backup.

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