Top 5 Types Of Webinars In 2023

Webinar sessions are extremely popular nowadays. With the audience shifting to the digital era, these online, cost-effective solutions are coming in handy for brands and businesses. In addition to this, they are helping many startups compete in this highly competitive market.


Keeping this in mind, let’s explore different types of webinars and learn more about their key functionalities. In addition to this, we’ll also list some of the trending webinar topics to make your journey more feasible and informative. Let’s start with a quick introduction to webinar services for businesses.

Webinar Session: Important For Businesses and Marketing

Webinars are typically online video presentations for attracting an audience and generating leads from them. As per the requirements of businesses, there are different types of webinars. The major goal behind hosting these sessions is to build audience engagement and foster strong relationships with them.


Webinar sessions can be held live in real-time and can be recorded as well. The live sessions involve real-time interaction with the event attendees. On the other hand, recorded sessions are for those who wish to watch the content as per their free slot and their comfort zone. However, these sessions are very informative and include sharing of the content in the form of audio files, video files, textual format, and others. 


Marketing Purpose 

Webinars play an important role in boosting the marketing activity of any product or service. As these platforms eliminate geographical barriers, they can easily gather remote audiences from different parts of the world under a single roof. With this, it becomes very easy for the promoters to publicize their brand from here and generate potential leads. Let’s have a quick look at some of the popular types of webinar sessions in the section below.


Which Are The Popular Types of Webinars To Host Your Session In 2023

Here is a list of some popular types of webinar sessions. In fact, this will help you to understand different categories and decide the best one to host your next session –


Product Demo Sessions

Product demonstrations are a wonderful way for your business to not only explain how what you’re offering solves the problems that your potential customers are experiencing, but they’re also a terrific way to stand out from your competitors’ products and address any urgent queries that your prospects may have. With the help of these on-demand webinar sessions, the audience can get a real feel for the type of product and easily understand its working procedures.


Online Training Sessions

Training sessions serve as new employees’ first introduction to the company. Offering live webinars to your staff members gives them the chance to ask questions, but recording a series of on-demand webinars from which team members can draw knowledge about particular topics also creates a personalized learning experience.


The goal of training and professional development webinar production teams should be to create interesting videos that encourage viewers to retain and apply what they have learned to their professions. It is crucial to tying the information to the audience’s position within the organization and to the objectives of the enterprise.


Lead Nurturing Sessions 

Webinars for lead generation are designed to educate an audience that is probably having a problem in this area on a subject in which your company has experience. Getting new connections to follow up with after the webinar is the main objective. They might be persuaded that they are a suitable fit for your solution if you build enough thought leadership and credibility during the presentation.


Branding Sessions 

The major aim behind hosting these webinar sessions is to increase brand awareness among the target audience segment. This can be done easily using the features of any professional webinar platform like Zoom, Mixhubb, and Zoho Meeting. The platform allows you to put your company’s logo at the top to make your viewers aware of the name of the brand.


In addition to this, you can also do this by sharing the importance of your brand or service in the current scenario and how your company perfectly fits the recent situation. Apart from this, you can also host a panel discussion session where you can invite industry experts to share their views and opinions.


Now, it’s time to explore some trending webinar topics on the market and how you can utilize them.


Top 5 Trending Webinar Topics To Try Something New

Going with the trend is the key to success for any business or organization. Let’s explore some of the trending webinar topics below-

  • You can earn tremendous growth by creating a map for the customer journey. Basically, it is the technique of getting valuable insights from the customer’s response while purchasing your product or service, visiting the website, and much more. While doing this, you’ll be able to identify audience requirements and pain points.


  • Furthermore, you can also take help from the Metaverse technology, which is creating a new evolution in the market. Hosting your webinar on this topic will surely create new pathways for boosting session productivity and engaging with it.


  • You can also adopt the strategy for account-based marketing. Instead of focusing on one person, BM emphasizes engaging the entire firm as a target account and using a systematic strategy to access decision-makers there. After spotting and developing an account’s potential, cross-selling becomes important.


  • You can also use social media for making your webinar content reach the global level. In addition to this, you can easily share the event URL on leading social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others. Furthermore, you can also use innovative hashtags for attracting a large audience.


  • In addition to this, you can also host on-demand webinar sessions while polling on social media, which topic they want to hear from you. This way you can simply solve their queries and doubts without making them ask during the session. 


Final Thoughts 

Webinar services are the favorite choice of small and medium enterprises because of their cost-effectiveness. These sessions are easy to host, easy to access, and, most importantly, a pocket-friendly solution for both sides.


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