The Crypto Exchanges Competing With WazirX

The most established Indian cryptocurrency exchange platform called WazirX offers a user-friendly trading interface with lots of primary features. Strong security protections are included on the user-friendly platform provided by WazirX. Its fame and wide acceptance have been boosted by its connection with Binance. Yes, Binance is related to WazirX. 

The launch of WRX utility coins and the ground-breaking P2P trading are its features. WazirX accepts deposits with a lot of methods, but not via credit card. For each trade, WazirX levies a 0.20% taker charge and maker charge. What are the crypto exchanges competing with WazirX? Let us find them below. 

The Crypto Exchanges Competing With WazirX 

The WazirX platform is currently available to users from around the world. The owners of WazirX founded it on March 8, 2018. WazirX is a site that offers more than simply bitcoin trading. With WazirX P2P, this crypto exchange platform offers a special way to connect the world with the constantly changing cryptocurrency. 

Additionally, it provides WRX coins, a native cryptocurrency asset known as the WazirX coin. WazirX coin was created to appropriately thank the WazirX team members for the issue that was raised earlier. Of course, you can trade with this coin. The most prominent exchange that is competing with WazirX is CoinSwitch Kuber. 

You will definitely find the CoinSwitch Kuber vs WazirX comparison these days. The WazirX exchange was confronted with difficulties shortly after it was created when the RBI, an Indian monetary regulatory organization with its main office in Mumbai, declared a banking ban on cryptocurrencies and gave them a deadline of three months to cease operations. 

WazirX responded to this in a timely and effective manner. The platform had to guarantee that the citizens of India did not miss out on the global blockchain evolution. The WazirX market had been a resounding success. It exceeded 100 crores in P2P deals, a threshold that is improbable in an Indian bear market.

CoinSwitch And CoinDCX Are Competitors

CoinSwitch benefited from the drawback of WazirX and made its way. According to the WazirX vs CoinSwitch review, both are not at the same level. In fact, WazirX is heading because of its connection with Binance, the largest crypto exchange platform in the world. Most Binance cryptos can be found on WazirX. 

WazirX has its WRX token. It is a cryptocurrency coin known as the WazirX coin, although it won’t start paying off right now. WRX is designed for users that desire to engage with the WazirX platform over the long term. The business is putting strategies into place to make clear that the WRX token grows. 

Until then, the trading site recommends investors stockpile and keep onto WRX while WazirX’s price increases. For the WRX token, the fortune may be about to come. In the CoinSwitch vs WazirX comparison, you will see that WazirX is more secure. However, that is not true. Both these exchanges are secure. 

Besides CoinSwitch, another notable exchange is CoinDCX. CoinDCX provides strong security features including Cold Wallets, 2FA, insurance, and Infrastructure Security safeguards. CoinDCX is among the safest cryptocurrency trading platforms in India because of its security features. CoinDCX is also a great competitor of WazirX. It has popular trading pairs.  


From this post, you have seen the two exchanges competing with WazirX. Any of these exchanges can outperform the other. You can choose WazirX or CoinSwitch or CoinDCX. CoinSwitch and CoinDCX are better if you are a beginner trader. WazirX is suitable for advanced traders most of the time. 

Although there is no WazirX customer service number, traders may utilize the standard ticketing system to have their questions answered. Emails can also be used to express concerns. A comprehensive collection of FAQs is also available on the website. Additionally, WazirX’s social media profiles may be seen on a number of platforms.

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