The best Mac games for 2023

Gaming on Macs has never been consistently good or bad. Up until recently, predicting whether a game will be released on this operating system was always a bet, and the majority of the time, that gamble didn’t pay off. The WWDC 2022 will mark the beginning of “a new day” for Mac gaming, however, with an emphasis on two new features that will enhance the platform. Key features include the Quick Resource Loading API, which will speed up game loading, and MetalFX, an upscaling software.

With these new developments, a growing number of games will be released on Mac, attracting a new group of gamers eager for fresh games to play. Whichever sort of Mac player you are, there is something out there for you. The AAA blockbusters Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, methodical shooters, and indie darlings Stardew Valley are all examples of this. Even while Steam and Windows games may not be available to Mac users, you can still discover many of the top PC games below.

We’ve also selected the top iPhone games and Apple Arcade games for your phone or iPad if you want to play while you’re on the go.

How can I play the best Mac games?

The procedure is a lot like purchasing PC games. The most well-known online retailer, Steam, has a free Mac client that may be downloaded. The Epic Game Shop, a more recent competitor in the field of online stores, concurs. You also have access to GOG (opens in new tab), Humble, and specific publisher stores like EA’s Origin and Activision Blizzard’s if you can’t locate the titles you’re looking for there.

Lastly, much like on an iPhone or iPad, Mac users have the option of downloading games directly from the App Store. You can browse Apple Arcade games and download a tonne of free-to-play apps from the App Store. Yet, there is also a sizable range of more popular titles available.

There is, however, a very significant warning for Mac users. We regrettably left off classics like Portal and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis since, as of the 2019 release of macOS Catalina, current Macs cannot run 32-bit games. There are solutions for playing games designed for Windows exclusively on a Mac. Nevertheless, we only included games on this list that you can download and play without any prior knowledge of Parallels, Bootcamp, or other similar tools.

Wherever you decide to buy the greatest Mac games, be sure they are compatible with your computer’s operating system and are Mac-compatible (look for a small Apple emblem). Usually, this information may be found in the shop page’s system requirements section.

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut

Disco Elysium The Final Cut

One of the greatest video games ever created, Disco Elysium isn’t only among the top PC games. Happily, Macs can also use it. You take on the role of a detective who is addicted to drugs and alcohol and wakes up in a filthy hotel room with no memory of how he got there. It also doesn’t help that there is a man in the back hanging from a tree. As you progress through the game, you’ll choose your route, investigating the murder as you see fit and coming to terms with who you are. The Mac game Disco Elysium is about making decisions. You may choose how you wish to approach each interaction. Maybe you want to shoot the mockingly patronizing motel clerk, perhaps you want to charm him into opening a back entrance. Disco Elysium will warp the game environment around your choices, no matter how you choose to approach each event, making each playtime different and unforgettable.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Sid Meier’s Civilisation VI is the best game if you want to invest hundreds of hours in it. The most recent game in the venerable 4X strategy series debuted in 2016, and Firaxis’ creators plan to continue releasing new content and upgrades for it through 2021. There are expansion packs and DLC available in addition to the main game, which pits you against other historical figures for control of the globe. These add-ons include the dark ages, climate change, the undead, and even a battle royale mode.

You can find yourself saying, “Just one more turn” over and over again if you play Civ VI because it is so gratifying and addicting. Where else might you use a massive death robot to fight off zombies, protect against French spies, and dump a nuclear bomb on Gandhi?


Not much more needs to be said about Minecraft than has already been stated. There’s a good reason why it’s one of the most-played games worldwide. You begin the game with only a pair of hands and complete control over a large, randomly generated territory.

One of the easiest games to play, yet the most rewarding. You’ll quickly become adept at creating maze-like mining holes and soaring buildings. Although some people might be turned off by its pixelated, 8-bit visuals, the gameplay is enjoyable for players of all ages and ability levels.

Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings 2 was created by Paradox Interactive, who also produced Europa Universalis 4. It is regarded as one of the greatest strategy games ever made. Crusader Kings 3 simply advances the first game. The greatest kind of big plan is this. You select a noble or royal house at the beginning of each game, either in 867 or 1066. The video game then proceeds in a conventional grand strategy approach. You can decide to establish ties with surrounding areas, propagate your faith over the continent, or hastily wage war on anybody who stands in your way. Crusader Kings 3 stands out for its richness and independence. You’ll need to choose a successor to the throne as your kingdom expands, and Crusader Kings 3 contains a complete genetics system that will let you pass on some of your qualities to the new monarch. In the complex game Crusader Kings 3, you may do anything from seduce a foreign person to use political power to demand payment for prisoners of war.

Stardew Valley

Few things are as calming as a decent agricultural sim, and Stardew Valley, which was released in 2016, raised the bar for the genre. Stardew Valley adds complexity to practically every system, including farming, animal husbandry, combat, friendship, exploration, and more. It builds on the history of the agricultural-themed video games that came before, most notably the Harvest Moon series.

One of those exceptional games that appeal to both seasoned gamers and brand-new players is Stardew Valley. Playing is mostly at your leisure, and it’s a relaxed, calming experience. It even earned a prize for a mental health nonprofit. The first-ever Dr. Mark Award went to Take This for “representing mental health challenges with sensitivity.” In 2021, The New York Times referred to it as a “gay millennial pandemic dream.” I’m not sure what would be a more persuasive pitch if that one were.


This Battle Royale game is a cross-platform delight that you can enjoy on almost every device you possess and is possibly one of the most well-liked in the whole globe right now. Happily, your Mac is part of that.

The free-to-play shooter combines intense last-man-standing battles with the main game’s construction-based gameplay to provide a title that is simple to learn yet tremendously challenging to master. It manages to provide an exceptionally unique and addicting experience in the gaming world with quicker fighting than rivals like PUBG, and you can easily sink hours into it in a single sitting.

Portal 2

Portal 2

This compelling first-person puzzle game, Portal 2, takes players back to Aperture Science. You take on the role of heroine Chell as she makes an effort to escape the enormous Aperture research facility and reclaim her freedom. You’re given the recognizable portal pistol and given the task of navigating a series of chambers that each have a special challenge. To go through the facility, you’ll need to employ a variety of settings and items in addition to time and space. In addition to building on the concept that made its predecessor popular, Portal 2 also featured a rich plot. The voices of recurrent characters in the game are provided by actors Stephen Merchant and J.K. Simmons, and they do a fantastic job. The game is filled with well-timed humor at every step, even though the story deals with a serious topic. One of the most original and humorous video games is Portal 2, which is also one of the most.


In 2020, when Hades was made available for macOS, Windows, and Nintendo Switch, reviews praised it highly and nominated it for several Game of the Year awards. Or to put it another way, this isn’t only one of the finest Mac games; it’s also among the best games overall in recent memory. This challenging roguelike adventure into the underworld is equally beautiful. Yet because of the fighting that lives up to Supergiant Games’ illustrious reputation, losing never seems like the end.

The thing about Hades is that you will pass away. A lot. Yet every time you see a game on the screen, it doesn’t seem harsh or frustrating; it feels like a new chance. Even if roguelikes aren’t usually your thing, this one is unquestionably worthwhile.

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium, another PC classic, is also playable on macOS. You take on the role of a detective who is addicted to drugs and alcohol and wakes up in a filthy hotel room with no memory of how he got there. This game immediately becomes rather mysterious thanks to the person hanging from a tree in the background. As you progress through the game, you’ll make decisions that will affect how you investigate the crime and whom you end up becoming.

The Mac game Disco Elysium is about making decisions. Each meeting is susceptible to a variety of aggressive or nonviolent strategies. Maybe you want to shoot the mockingly patronizing motel clerk, or maybe you want to charm him into opening a back entrance. Disco Elysium bends the game environment around your choices, no matter how you choose to approach each circumstance, making each time you play it different and unforgettable. In this special game, no two players will have the same experience.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Developer Firaxis made a strong comeback after the series’ last game, Civilization: Beyond Earth had a fairly muted response from fans. Building on the strengths of 2010’s Civilisation V, Civilization VI introduces more rich cultural and science branches, dynamic options, and an increased understanding of the motivations behind the actions of global leaders. It represents years of research and development that went into making earlier Civilisation games. Since its release, Civilisation VI has gained access to a sizable number of civilizations, including the Australians, Nubians, Persians, and Aztecs. As new material is published every few months and each of them is headed by a well-known historical character, such as Montezuma for the Aztecs, previous players have many reasons to come back and start fresh.

Kerbal Space Program

The Kerbal Space Program features an unusual concoction of components. KSP is a serious game despite its colorful aesthetics and silly, minions-like critters. Kerbal offers a playground for both the casual gamer and the serious physicist by balancing serious rocket-building considerations—how many Kerbals must die before you finally reach the moon? —with forgiving gameplay that permits endless experimentation. Flight simulation has never been so deep, so engaging, or so addictive.


Without a doubt, Cuphead’s visual appeal is what makes the game popular. A knuckle-busting platformer that pays homage to 1930s cartoons is a perfect match, yet Cuphead did ultimately come out despite developer Studio MDHR taking a while to get the style. But if you get beyond the outdated animations, the game is fantastic. Cuphead fulfills the gameplay promises that its appealing graphics are made by having distinctive bosses, extremely precise mechanics, and a tonne of content. The time is now for you to install Cuphead on your Mac as well. The Tasty Final Course, the first DLC pack for the game, debuted in June 2022.

The Witness

The Witness was developed patiently by Jonathan Blow, the creator of the critically acclaimed independent game Braid, but the wait was well worth it. It’s a game that only someone as inventive as Blow could hope to make, expanding based on older adventure classics like Myst and Riven. It combines a singular, magnificent universe with progressively challenging riddles and philosophical reflections. Unlike similar games, The Witness’ puzzles are seldom confusing, requiring players to employ strategies they have already mastered to complete each of the island’s electrical panels. The game necessitates good observation and extensive research, yet it never seeks to disappoint you to appear tougher.

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