The best iPad Pro games in 2023: the 26 best ones to play

It might be too simple to write out the iPad Pro games as a reliable gaming tablet. For all, it’s unlikely that a 12.9-inch tablet can compete with a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, for example. The iPad Pro has internals that is equally as powerful as the greatest gaming consoles while providing you the ability to carry your games virtually everywhere, even though games do undoubtedly play better on a larger screen.

After all, Apple’s immensely potent M2 CPU, which also powers the company’s MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro, is included in the most recent iPad Pro (2022) versions. Even the most demanding games can run on it with more than adequate performance. It’s difficult to find a game that Apple’s tablet can’t play when combined with Metal 3 hardware-accelerated visuals and compatibility for the newest gaming controllers, and there is a big selection of titles to back this up.

The iPad Pro is at the top of our ranking of the best gaming tablets for a reason, and while the smaller 11-inch model is a great choice for portability, serious gamers will want to check out the larger 12.9-inch model, which not only offers more screen space but also features mini-LED technology for even more vibrant colors and deeper blacks. These are our selections for the top iPad Pro games for 2023 if you’re prepared to upgrade your powerful tablet.

Papers, Please

Praise be to Arstotzka! You work as an immigration inspector in the border town of Grestin in the communist state of Arstotzka. Your duties include checking documents, collecting fingerprints, and searching the crowds of people crossing the border to look for spies, terrorists, and people smuggling operations. Whom are you going to let in? Who will be rejected? Whom will you detain then? This critically acclaimed, award-winning dystopian thriller tells a menacing narrative of morals vs progress and is surprisingly seductive. Enjoy the whole game on the iPad Pro, which has 20 distinct endings, a 31-day timeline, and unlocks multitouch capabilities for quicker document inspection. Documents, please! It costs $5 for a single purchase.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

This will occupy your time in place of watching Henry Cavill grunt and battle demons as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher on Netflix. The PC version of Gwent is well-known among ardent fans, but you can now play it on your iPad Pro, and it looks just as stunning. Every PvP combat is given fresh life by hand-drawn graphics and breathtaking visual effects, and the new Arena mode offers a tonne of challenges that Geralt of Rivia himself would enjoy. There are other different modes available as well, ranging from traditional to seasonal.

Gwent is available for free, but while you work to create a deck you can be proud of and gather cards to unlock spells and unique abilities, you might not see much of the light of day. If you’re ready for the challenge, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is simple to learn but difficult to master. It’s a fun way to pass the time on your commute or anytime you have some free time. Free games are available with optional in-app purchases.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

Make room on your iPad since this enduring game takes up a lot of space and is difficult to ignore. Genshin Impact requires 20 GB of storage, but it’s worth it because the cult open-world RPG is probably going to become your favorite iPad game. In Genshin Impact, there is almost always something new to discover, whether it’s the raucous carousel of manga-style characters or the lovely setting full of creative foes. What’s best? It’s free to play, and according to gamers, you don’t need to invest any money to take advantage of everything the game has to offer.

Very Little Nightmares

You’ll notice that this prequel puzzle adventure game is situated in the same universe as the original Little Nightmares titles on Steam or consoles and has a tonne of challenging riddles to complete. You take on the role of a little child trapped in The Nest, a terrifying home while wearing a yellow jacket. You must escape the house while dodging adversaries and completing riddles to piece together The Nest’s sinister secrets since everyone in the building wants to see you dead. Very Little Nightmares looks best on the iPad Pro since it is a perfect blend of sweet and spooky. Purchase it today for $7!


We definitely should have said something to the effect that your kids love their Minecraft creations more than they love you, but since you already know that, we won’t. But the real query is: Have you ever played Minecraft? This game is enjoyed by adults as well as children since it is a highly developed open-world survival game that you may play for an indefinite amount of time. If you don’t have a Computer to play this on, you’ll enjoy using the touch controls on your iPad because the colors are almost created to be appreciated on a large, gorgeous screen. In contrast, connecting a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to your iPad could enhance your Minecraft experience.

The Gardens Between

If you enjoy puzzles, you must play this well-regarded game, but it’s so much more than that. The Gardens Between is best seen on an iPad Pro since it has a sad narrative, wonderful moments, imaginative touches, and stunning graphics. Arina and Frendt, who are best friends, accidentally enter a realm of surreal garden islands where items from their youth are concealed. They must embark on an emotional journey together to consider the importance of their relationship. In The Gardens Between, cause and effect are malleable, and you must control time to solve puzzles and get to the top of each island. If you subscribe to Apple Arcade, you may play the game for free or buy it once for $5.


Among mobile RPGs, Bastion distinguishes out for its compelling narrative, excellent voice work, and exquisite visual presentation. You take on the role of a player who must travel to a post-apocalyptic fantasy world to gather rocks that will help you improve your new house. Before everything is said and done, there is still a tonne of jobs to do and upgrades to get.

Alto’s Odyssey

In Alto’s Odyssey, the follow-up to 2015’s Alto’s Adventure, Alto continuously sandboards around the desert. Discover stunning, diverse environments that range from enormous dunes to temples and canyons, unlock six special characters with their traits and skills and accomplish 180 objectives. Chaining together combinations is some of the best fun you’ll have on your iPad, and the one-touch trick controls are simple to learn but difficult to master. One of the most beautiful games available is completed with dynamic lighting, weather effects, and unique music. simply want to unwind? The only things present in Zen Mode are you, the vast desert, and peaceful music. There are no currencies, goals, or scores. Check out Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost World if you’re an Apple Arcade subscriber. A new terrain to discover and explore is one of the many entertaining additions to The Lost City, an exclusive remastered edition. The cost of Alto’s Adventure is $5.


The gorgeous Fantasian game by Hironobu Sakaguchi is undoubtedly one of the most persuasive reasons to sign up for Apple’s gaming service. This Japanese role-playing game (JRPG), which Apple is funding as a flagship exclusive for Apple Arcade, was built by the team behind the Final Fantasy series using more than 150 meticulously made real diorama models, and it shows. Fans of the Final Fantasy series will find a lot to appreciate in this game, as Sakaguchi claimed he strongly drew inspiration from his past while creating Final Fantasy VI. You play Leo, a teenage protagonist in the game who awakens in a world run by robots with practically little memory of who he is or how he got there. Lro is compelled to assemble allies and reconstruct his past.

With a largely linear narrative and a vast environment to explore, the first section of the game easily provides more than 50 hours of playtime. The play style then shifts to one that is more quest-driven and allows players to explore even more new worlds and confront uncommon bosses. If you enjoy JRPGs, this game is certainly worth the cost of an Apple Arcade membership. It is exactly the type of console-quality title you would expect from the designer of Final Fantasy.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

Prepare your iPad Pro for some shooting mayhem. To compete in this Battle Royale and win the ultimate bragging rights, parachute onto a deserted island with 99 other players. There is a tonne of stuff to be found, as well as tonnes of weapons and vehicles. Get geared up, stalk your prey brutally, and make every effort to avoid being murdered. Make no mistake, this is PUBG in every sense, even though the controls take some getting used to and there have been certain simplifications to make it playable on a tablet or phone. The iPad Pro optimizes the graphics and audio, and the larger screen gives you a better chance of seeing and taking out foes in the background.

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