The Best Cloud Backup Services for 2022

First, the basics: backing up your data is essential if you want to keep it around long-term and make sure you don’t lose it in case of disaster, theft, or some other unforeseen event.

And while you can do this manually with a hard drive, it can be time-consuming and potentially error-prone, especially if you’re trying to copy all of your data over to the new drive each time.

Fortunately, there are some great cloud backup services available that will make the process much easier by taking care of backups automatically.Here are our top picks for the best cloud backup services in 2022.

Which backup services are needed in the future?

Cloud backup is one of the most valuable pieces of software in a small business. Keeping your data safe and sound has never been more important than now, which means it’s time to find the best cloud backup service that suits your needs.

The next 5 years are sure to change how people use and depend on their data, so we need to do our best to keep it safe no matter what changes may be coming our way.

Best Cloud Backup provides multiple backup solutions depending on what you need. For businesses with single locations and desktop-level protection, all you have to do is sign up for a Best Cloud Backup account.

For businesses with multiple locations or computers who want local protection as well as an offsite copy of their data (which might not be possible with single location business), choose from Best Cloud Backup’s NAS-based or One Drive-based plans for the best cloud backup services possible.

Best Cloud Backup also offers professional IT consulting services like network upgrades, network optimization, computer repair and much more if you’re looking for some help with your tech issues.

Best Cloud Backup guarantees customer satisfaction because they offer flexible pricing options depending on your budget. They even offer unlimited storage space!

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Amazon Glacier

Costs less than $0.02 per GB per month, so only use it if you have a large amount of data that you need backed up at an affordable price, but can’t afford to store all of your data on this plan. Does not work well with small amounts of data.

Can be very slow if the client is located in a region far from Amazon Glacier servers, and only offers two-factor authentication, which is also its weakest security feature.

For those who want something more reliable, Crash Plan has much better encryption and four-digit pin codes. However, it’s slightly more expensive at around $2.49 per month for their cheapest plans that offer 10GB of storage space.

I found some users are willing to pay extra just because they know they’re getting good customer service – especially when they’re having problems transferring or downloading files.

You might find yourself paying more than $5/month if you have a lot of photos or videos, which would make Crash Plan overpriced when compared to other providers that charge under $1/month for unlimited backup with 1TB of storage.

Amazon Drive

It’s worth checking out Amazon Drive as a possible solution. Its unlimited storage capacity will work wonders for people who need to back up large files, but the more limited monthly upload allowance will probably not be a problem for most people.

It also provides access to high-quality streaming video content through Amazon Prime, so you might find that a particular show or movie becomes your newest pastime if you have time on your hands and there is no content currently playing on TV.

And while its one terabyte of storage per year seems like it won’t be enough for many users, it should still do the trick when it comes to protecting smaller file types such as PDFs and Word documents.

You’ll even get 10GB of space for every customer referral, which means that this could end up being one of the best cloud backup services for you in just a few years.

Back blaze B2

Back blaze has been a leading player in the cloud backup market for many years. They have a robust plan that is available on both Windows and MacOS platforms, with an intuitive interface.

One great thing about Back blaze is that it offers unlimited storage which means you can pay as you go without having to worry about using up your allotted space.

A major advantage of Back blaze is the low cost at just $5/month or $50/year. For some people, this may be the perfect option because they are only storing one computer’s worth of data.

Best cloud backup services for 2022 will always remain a hotly debated topic among those who are constantly looking for the best way to keep their files safe.

However, after reviewing these top contenders, we believe that Back blaze B2 is going to emerge as a champion due to its unrivaled price point and functionality. With all of these factors considered, we feel confident suggesting them for cloud backup for 2022.

Google Drive and Google Photos

Many of the popular cloud backup providers, like Google Drive and Google Photos, offer a suite of services that can help protect your data from disaster. Some even provide two-factor authentication and single sign-on functionality.

They are also constantly adding new features to make backing up easier and more secure. For example, last year Google added an option to back up photos in full resolution. The best part is that this service is free! There’s no reason not to give it a try.

Microsoft One Drive

When it comes to cloud storage, Microsoft is both one of the most trusted brands and has some of the best service offerings.

One Drive is a great online backup solution that can give you quick access to all your important documents, in addition to having excellent encryption, and simple storage organization tools.

It integrates seamlessly with Windows 10, so you’ll never have to deal with cumbersome installs or setting up drive mappings. You also get 5GB of free storage with One Drive which may not seem like much at first glance, but remember:

there’s no limit on how many times you can use it as long as you’re willing to back things up again once they’re done! And if you don’t want to pay for additional storage, we recommend storing any large files (say 4GB+) outside of One Drive before deleting them from your computer.

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