R Madhavan’s Rocketry: The Nambi Effect defames ISRO with lies about Nambi Narayanan, say former scientists

Former ISRO scientists believe that at least 90% of the information in R Madhavan’s book Rocketry: The Nambi Effect is false.

Several former ISRO scientists claim that the claims made by former ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan in the movie “Rocketry: The Nambi Effect” and through other media networks were false and amounted to defamation of the space agency.

On August 24, the media gathered to “debunk” the claims stated in the movie with the LPSE Director Dr. A. E. Muthunayagam, Project Director Prof. E. V. S. Namboothiri,

Deputy Director D. Sasikumaran, and other former ISRO scientists. The biographical drama he wrote, produced, and directed is about aeronautical engineer Nambi Narayanan, who is portrayed by actor R Madhavan.

“As a result of Nambi Narayanan’s defamation of ISRO and other scientists in the film Rocketry: The Nambi Effect and on television, we feel compelled to inform the public about some truths.

He is not the creator of several companies, despite what he claims. A P J Abdul Kalam, who would go on to become the president of India, was claimed to have received his correction in the film. Additionally false “Former researchers reported.

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They stated that they had spoken with S. Somanath, the current ISRO chairman, over the film’s falsehoods. The experts refuted Narayanan’s claim in the movie that the delay in India’s procurement of cryogenic technology was due to his imprisonment.

They asserted that ISRO, under the leadership of E V S Namboothiri, began developing cryogenic technology in the 1980s.

They claimed that Narayanan had nothing to do with the attempt. The group of ex-scientists claims that at least 90% of ISRO-related topics are exaggerated in the movie.

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“We also learned that Narayanan had stated in several media venues that the entire movie was factual. In addition, a lot of scientists worry that Narayanan is taking credit for a lot of their accomplishments “They argued.

Narayanan and the film’s creators did not immediately respond to the charges made by the former scientists. The behaviour of the Kerala police in the 76-year-old Narayanan’s espionage case against the ISRO was to be reviewed, according to a Supreme Court order in 2018.

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The CBI ruled that Narayanan’s espionage charge was unsubstantiated after keeping him for more than two months. In the 1994 espionage case involving the state, it was alleged that two scientists and four other people, including two Maldivian women, sold crucial space programmes to foreign countries.

After the state police concluded their first investigation, which had turned up no proof of the alleged espionage, the CBI took over the case. As a result of the incident, the then-chief minister,

the late K Karunakaran, came under criticism from the Congress and finally resigned. The affair included political overtones. The episode gave the Left a chance to attack the previous Congress administration.

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