PCNOK (Patient Care Network) of Oklahoma: Clinically Integrated Network

The expansion and advancement of networks and technology have always had an impact on all industries and professions. And during the epidemic, this networking expansion reached unbelievable heights. The most important area of networking service nowadays is medical science, often known as PCNOK (Patient Care Networking). Due to networking advancements, patients may now access health studies online. According to daily surveys, this more widely used technology is significantly superior for general patient care and rehabilitation.

Explain PCNOK.

A group of primary care doctors known as the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK) and the Oklahoma Department of Health has a contract to serve low-income Oklahomans. The network spans all 77 counties and more than 1,200 providers.

The Oklahoma Board of Medical Examiners’ credentials, board certification, or eligibility for board certification in their specialty are also required for clinicians to participate in PCNOK.

Family planning, well-child exams, immunizations, urgent care visits, chronic illness management, and mental health therapies are just a few of the many services provided by PCNOK doctors.

What is PCNOK’s Entire Form?

When it was established in 2014, it was given the initials PCNOK. The full name of the business is Patient Care Network of Oklahoma.

Overview of PCNOK

Worldwide, digital health has been marketed as an easy solution that significantly aids people with chronic conditions, and PCNOK is a game-changer in this space. Moreover, it provides services and aids in the rehabilitation of senior people with health issues in all conceivable care and medical management settings. Doctors wish to address the issues brought on by significant patient aging with the PCNOK. The contemporary environment, which demands social isolation, is more difficult for those with mobility disabilities. The bulk of patients’ wretched situations made their diseases brought on by sedentary lifestyles worse.

People began demanding choices for online medical treatment in these circumstances. Monitoring such a large online community is by no means simple; it involves great risk and necessitates the use of cutting-edge technologies. The PCNOK patient care network is the ideal remedy for all of these patient dangers. Almost all chronic disease patients were treated by this network via internet therapy, with vulnerable people being watched remotely.

How Does It Function?

All patients could benefit from a technological solution that PCNOK offers and has been used in the world of medical research. The patient’s health may be properly monitored outside of the hospital thanks to this function.

Technology advancement has made it possible to treat patients who have been released from the hospital or have severe chronic conditions. The use of this technology offers medical professionals a treatment option for their patients who are receiving long-term therapy and need recurrent monitoring.

Working on patient care network

A technology solution that has been used in medicine is a patient care network. As was already indicated, this capability enables remote relocation or home quarantine, enabling close observation of patients’ medical issues outside of the hospital. Clinical parameter devices from the PCNOK technology solution link the health network and system. Healthcare workers who look after patients who have been discharged from the hospital or who have painful chronic conditions are designed to employ the technologies of patient care networks.

With the help of this technology, physicians have developed a brand-new treatment option for the often elderly patients who must adhere to a hard therapeutic regimen that calls for regular monitoring. Patients are alerted to speedy connection to the operation center and shared with the appropriate care team in real-time thanks to the capabilities of remote monitoring, continuous monitoring, and proactive attention towards patients with specific effective wearable technology. This makes it possible for you to provide excellent care even while you’re far from the hospital. The use of technology also shows that the patient’s therapy and medicine intake were suitable for the duration of the treatment.

Benefits of PCNOK

Benefits of PCNOK

Advantages for patients:

The patient’s health is continuously monitored using technology. This contributes to the stability and security of the patients throughout their medical care. Patients benefit from the technology’s autonomous management of their medical issues in situations when their health is in jeopardy. It encourages patients to get sufficient medical treatment, which in turn motivates them to live healthy lives.

Benefits with family members:

Families and other caregivers of patients may relax knowing that doctors are constantly monitoring their condition and providing them with the best care possible. Family members may now have confidence in anomalies that quickly identify and treat health hazards, according to PCNOK.

Advantages for medical professionals:

The home’s technology provides effective, intelligent active monitoring parameters. the availability of medical personnel to treat a large number of sick or wounded patients at once.

Benefits of SSN

With its intelligent detecting and resolving function, PCNOK lessens the need for visits to the emergency department. The use of remote support, it gives patients reliable home access under pressing circumstances. It fervently advocates for bringing together patients, their families, and medical experts.

How Does PCNOK Help Patients in Oklahoma?

Our main objective at PCNOK is to provide high-quality, patient-centered treatment. To make sure that patients get the finest treatment possible, we work closely with patients and their families. In addition to general care, specialist care, and home health services, we provide a broad variety of services.

To assist patients and their families in learning about their medical issues and the most effective treatments, we also provide a variety of educational tools. We aim to make our patient’s quality of life better.

How Can I Access Services Using PCNOK?

Our services are available to PCNOK patients in a variety of ways. Using PCNOK.COM, you may remotely access our services.

Contact our customer care line at 1-888-PCN-OKAY (1-888-726-6529) to utilize our services. From 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time, Monday through Friday, our customer support professionals are on duty.

Relationships with Other Institutions

501(c)(3) non-profit institution In 2013, the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK) was created. All Oklahomans will have access to high-quality, reasonably priced healthcare thanks to PCNOK.

Each of the state’s eight health sectors is represented on the board of directors that oversees PCNOK. The Board oversees the company and establishes rules.

To provide patients with services in primary care, mental health, dentistry, and other areas, PCNOK enters into agreements with service providers in each discipline. Participating healthcare professionals consent to take Medicaid and Medicare patients and provide sliding fee schedules for people without insurance.

Moreover, PCNOK oversees a patient assistance program that offers qualifying people financial aid for the price of prescription drugs and other healthcare costs.

To increase access to care in underprivileged regions, PCNOK works with specific physicians as well as hospitals, clinics, and other organizations. For instance, PCNOK is a founding member of the Partnership for Healthy Communities in Oklahoma, an organization whose goal is to improve healthcare accessibility in both urban and rural parts of the state.

PCNOK Member Organizations

PCNOK Member Organizations

The goal of the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK), a partnership of more than 100 organizations, is to increase the accessibility of top-notch healthcare for all Oklahomans. Hospitals, clinics, health plans, medical societies, and other organizations that make up our member organizations collaborate to maintain the greatest healthcare system possible in our state.

Regardless of their financial condition or area of residence, all Oklahomans should have access to high-quality healthcare, in our opinion. Through improving primary care funding, extending Medicaid, and pushing for legislation that would enhance our state’s overall health, we are aiming to promote access to care.

We understand that a healthy population has an impact on Oklahoma’s economy and well-being. As a result, we are working extremely hard to ensure everyone gets the treatment they need.

What is PCNOK Leadership?

Both the state’s medical facilities and Oklahomans’ quality of life are expected to improve under the direction of the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma. They address numerous social concerns as well as provide healthcare, wellness services, and exercise facilities.

These are the potential human interactions that might result in a thorough fusion of numerous networks and alliances to increase the efficacy of the state.

Oklahoman communities’ performance as a function of their healthcare networks


No matter where they reside or how much money they have, Oklahomans may now get high-quality healthcare thanks to PCNOK, a patient-centered organization. We take pleasure in providing the finest service possible that is tailored to each member’s specific requirements.

To ensure that patients get quality treatment in a respectful and compassionate setting, our network of specialists and service providers collaborates. We work hard to establish strong relationships with our members for they to be able to depend on PCNOK as a reliable source for all of their healthcare needs.

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