7 Best Free Online Solitaire Sites to Play when you are Bored

Since it was first provided with the Windows operating system in 1990, solitaire has been one of the first PC games to truly become popular and has provided an enjoyable way for people to kill time in homes and offices. The card game, however, has historical roots that go back to the 1800s.

Although the Microsoft version of Solitaire is still playable on Windows, it has become quite dated. There are hundreds of free online Solitaire websites available for you to play, but if you’re searching for traditional Solitaire, you’ll be better off there.

Free Online Solitaire Sites

Here are seven solitaire games that you can play online for free if you’re having trouble deciding which to play.

1. Solitr

Solitr is likely to be one of the first games you play if you’re seeking for an easy and cost-free online solitaire game. For years, you can play Spider Solitaire and the original version of Solitaire on our website in your web browser as a kind of casual pleasure.

The game’s settings allow you to choose whether to deal one, two, or three cards at once and whether to show a running score to assess your performance. A little less customization is available in other areas, but that might suit your gaming preferences.

You may always switch to playing the site’s Sudoku or Mahjong games if you’re having trouble using the UI, which is clear and simple to use.

2. Solitaire World

We’ll be honest: the World of Solitaire gameplay interface is starting to look a little antiquated. However, don’t let that deter you—this sophisticated Solitaire experience includes the kind of flexibility you won’t be able to find in other free online Solitaire games.

There are more than 125 distinct Solitaire variations accessible to play here, including Spider Solitaire, Citadel, and Yukon, in addition to more uncommon variations like regular Solitaire and Spider Solitaire.

You can register on the website to preserve your Solitaire gameplay statistics and performance, alter the background and theme of the card deck, switch between languages, and enable or disable a variety of animations and UI changes.

3. Forgotten FRVR

However, FRVR is a unique creature; they have built a million-dollar business with clean, playable HTML5 game classics, and Solitaire FRVR is one of them. Game makers hoping to make millions from a Solitaire game will probably be disappointed.

With its green deck table and straightforward card patterns, Solitaire FRVR appears to be just another clean Solitaire clone to unassuming viewers. However, this game conceals an efficient game engine and a variety of hidden customization possibilities beneath its plain exterior.

This is the free online Solitaire game for you if you desire a contemporary experience when playing solitaire online. You could try Klondike Solitaire FRVR if you prefer that version of the card game.

4. Solitaire on Cardgames.io

You’ve probably been to the cardgames.io website at some point if you enjoy playing card games. It provides a variety of card games, such as Crazy Eights and Go Fish, but lovers of Solitaire will be most interested in the free online Solitaire games.

On cardgames.io, you may play the classic Solitaire and Spider Solitaire variations in addition to others like Kings in the Corner and Yukon. The games themselves are quick and easy to play—if you know how to play, that is—despite the slightly archaic web layout.

If not, the rules are easily available, along with opportunities to customise your gaming experience, including a variety of themes, varying game speeds, and the choice between one or three card flips.

5. Solitaired

If you’re looking for a different kind of Solitaire card game, you might want to give Solitaired a try because variety is the spice of life. This timeless game features no less than 546 variations, including the options FreeCell, Spider, and more (as well as the original).

With timers and counters at the top and your card deck below, the Solitaired UI is very consistent throughout all game variations. When you need to take a quick break, you can pause the timer or instantly switch between one and three-card flips.

You can register to save your playtime for later if you need to come and go. Your account will enable you to pick up where you left off in the game at any time and will also provide you with a summary of your previous playtime results so you can see how much your Solitaire abilities have advanced (or not).

6. 247 Solitaire

Although playing 247 Solitaire on a desktop browser is totally possible, playing the game on a mobile device is perhaps the best option. Despite not having as many variations as Solitaired’s 500+, it does provide some of the most popular ones, such as Freecell, Klondike, and its 247 Freecell namesake.

Expect little customization in this Solitaire game because the cards are white and the deck is green. Its sole goal is to be a quick and easy game of Solitaire. The gameplay itself is what you would anticipate, however it is obvious that the UI was created with mobile devices in mind.

While there aren’t many customising choices, you can check your prior gameplay data, including your total win and loss percentage, play with sound effects, reset the game, or undo your last move.

7. Solitaire on Google

Developers always follow where players go. Google has added its own version of Solitaire to the mix and made it free for any Google search user to play in order to compete with the many Solitaire clones that are available online.

Simply enter “solitaire” into Google Search to start playing Google Solitaire right away. You’ll see Google’s own Solitaire game appear above the numerous free online Solitaire games; click Play to begin playing right now.

Depending on whether you prefer a relaxing experience or a greater challenge, the game offers an easy or hard option. It provides sound effects, moves and score totals, a gameplay timer, and sound effects for the game.

Otherwise, there isn’t much room for personalization, but that’s not the objective. Google Solitaire is designed to quell your card game hunger right away, and for many people, it will be the one and only Solitaire game they ever play online.

Free Web Browser Games

Free online solitaire games may satisfy your desire for casual gaming. There are more browser games accessible, but if you want a more in-depth gaming experience, you might opt to start on Steam. But in order to play your favourite games, you’ll undoubtedly need a gaming PC.

If that seems like it would be too pricey, stick to the free browser games you may play instead, such as the additional free and hidden Google games that don’t need any extra downloads.

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