New Profile Pic App: Is it Safe and How to Use it?

Since it enables users to transform their selfies into artistic paintings, the New Profile Pic app, sometimes referred to as the New Profile Picture Editor, is trending across all social media platforms. Many are unsure if the NewProfilePic app is a fraud or a legitimate tool for changing photos because of a rumor that has surfaced about the application. Learn more here.

In May 2022, this website and widely used photo-editing tool became incredibly popular. Yet, there have been allegations that claim it is not secure for consumers since it hacks into the device to steal money, takes data from it, and was developed by Russia to threaten western users’ digital security.

In this post, we’ll dispel the myths and provide evidence to show whether or not you should use this app. This is the program to use if you want to transform your profile photo into lovely artwork.

What is the New Profile Pic App?

A photo editing program called New Profile Pic employs artificial intelligence (AI) to transform your display picture into one that resembles a painting. It also has a website with the same functionality. Users of Android and iOS may download the software from the Play Store and the App Store, respectively.

Many are presently utilizing the modified photos as their DP on numerous social networking networks using the popular New Profile Photo app. US and UK residents make up the majority of its users. Yet, it is accessible in up to 10 languages and more than 100 nations.

What is the New Profile Pic App

Informe Labs Inc. is the company behind the NewProfilePic app. It comes from the same team that created the ToonMe service in the past.

Is the New Profile Pic App Scam?

The New Profile Photo app is not a fraud, contrary to what some people may have heard on social media. This legitimate photo editing program may transform your profile image into a painting.

On Twitter, a lot of individuals have posted about the app as a fraud or scam. Yet, when we looked into it, we found no warning signs. Several users said that the software is a phishing scam that collects your data and would ultimately steal your money in their tweets.

Should you use the NewProfilePic App or Website?

Indeed, you are free to utilize the New Profile Photo app or website. It is an actual tool for modifying photos. Therefore, you should exercise caution if using a new or up-and-coming app or website. While you are linked to the Internet, there is always something to worry about.

You shouldn’t risk your data or personal information if you don’t trust any apps or websites. People must exercise extreme caution when uploading images to unfamiliar websites, according to Jake Moore, the global cybersecurity advisor at ESET Internet Security.

Even though the New Profile Photo app is secure, you should always do your homework before utilizing any app or website. You get to make the final choice. You would be better off avoiding this app if you don’t trust it.

How to Use the New Profile Pic App?

The New Profile Photo app is available for free download from the Play Store or App Store. Launch the app after installation, or use the website instead. then take the next several steps:

  • Choose a photo from your gallery or camera roll, then upload it.
  • Go through the filters and effects after the image has been uploaded and choose the one you wish to use.
  • You may choose from aesthetic filters, cartoon effects, and art effects.
  • Click “Done” after using the filters and effects.

How to Use the New Profile Pic App (1)

  • Download the altered image to your device at the end.

I’m done now. Following that, you may use this creative image as your profile photo on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social networking site.

Is the New Profile Pic App Stealing Data?

Consumers are frequently shocked to realize how much access mobile applications have to personal information. Several individuals posted pictures of the New Profile Photo app’s privacy policy as rumors about it being a fraud started to spread.

A snapshot of the app’s permission request was posted online, along with the message: “DO NOT download the NEW PROFILE PIC.COM APP it grabs all your information and transmits it to Moscow!”

According to what many well-known mobile applications do, the rights shown in the figure above are not unusual. We discovered that asking users for permission to “get data from the internet” and “have complete network access” isn’t unusual when we compared the contents of this snapshot to those of other popular applications, such as TikTok, WhatsApp, and Instagram. When a person downloads an app, they should be informed that they are giving the company this level of access. But, the permissions for New Profile Photo are regular.

Is New Profile Pic App Safe to Use?

In conclusion, it is false to say that this software is exceptionally intrusive. Its app permission requests resemble those of other widely used apps. However, there is no proof to support the accusation that this program is stealing data for the Kremlin. A British Virgin Islands-based corporation used a group of foreign developers, some of whom reside in Russia, to create this software. Last but not least, there is no evidence to support the assertion that users of this program had money deducted from their bank accounts.

Although this software asks for access to specific data on your phone, these requests are common. On the business’s website, you can learn more about the privacy policy.

Reiterating that this firm is not new and that New Profile Photo is not their first app is also important. Two additional applications by the same developer, ToonMe and PhotoLab, have amassed more than 150 million downloads on Google Play. We are not aware of any claims that either of those applications, which have been there for a while, have been utilized to defraud users of their money or to provide the Kremlin with their user information.

A representative for the app stated to us: “The NewProfilePic app doesn’t keep track of users’ accounts or any other private information.

It is safe for users to use this software.”

Are there any risks involved in using it?

The New Profile Photo app is completely risk-free to use. Nonetheless, you want to solely choose an authentic, reliable program that has favorable ratings and evaluations generally. You shouldn’t download many copies of the same app or other comparable Play Store apps.

Also, you may modify your photos on the official website to create a comical artwork or painting. The claims that this website and app are a hoax are unfounded. They are not supported by any facts or good arguments.

Hence, utilizing this software won’t cause you any stress. But you should always use caution while using your photos online.

Have you yet downloaded this app? How did you find the experience? Use the comment section to voice your thoughts.

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