Multibagger stocks: 3 Adani shares give up to 200% return since last Diwali

Multibagger stocks: Prior to today’s Muhurat trading, one should consider the prospective multibagger stocks, observe Diwali in 2022, and carefully monitor the performance of well-known companies.

For individuals who prefer tried-and-true investments, there are some encouraging stock market headlines. The shareholder wealth of three of the six Adani Group securities that were offered on Indian markets around last Diwali has soared by double.

The Adani group’s stocks, Adani Power, Adani Total Gas, and Adani Enterprises, have doubled shareholder worth since Diwali 2021. The other three Adani group stocks that did not raise the value of their owners’ assets are Adani Green Energy, Adani Transmission, and Adani Ports.

Two of the three non-multibagger Adani enterprises, Adani Green Energy and Adani Transmission, have delivered their investors returns of more than 70% since Diwali 2021. Even Adani Ports shares have soared since last Diwali by more than 13%.

We outline the return offered by Adani Group Stocks from the previous Diwali here:

1) Adani Power: Shares of this multibagger firm have soared by 220 percent since last Diwali, from 105.40 to 334 each. The stock has been climbing for a while, and during the past year, it has delivered its owners a 200 percent return.

As of this point in the year, the multibagger Adani group stock has climbed from 101 to 334 per share, producing over 230 percent in 2022. Since losing over 9% of its value over the previous month, the stock has been under pressure to post profits.

2) Adani Total Gas: On the NSE, shares of this multibagger Adani stock closed at Rs. 1433.95 a share at the conclusion of Muhurat trading on the preceding Diwali.

At $327.80 per unit, Adani Total Gas is currently selling, a 130% gain over its closing price on Muhurat trading 2021. Compared to the 90% YTD return to shareholders, this multibagger Adani stock has delivered a yield of approximately 35% over the last six months.

3) Adani Enterprises: This Adani group stock has gained almost 120% since last Diwali, rising from 1489.45 to 3309.75 per share. Long-term shareholders of this multibagger stock have received a YYTD return of more than 90%.

In the last six months, it has given its investors a return of 45%. This shows that the Multibagger Adani stock has continued to bring in money for its investors since last Diwali.

4) Adani Green Energy: Shares of this Adani group have climbed from 1200.40 to 2106.90 since previous Diwali. As a consequence, this Adani Group stock has earned a 75% return from Muhurat transaction in 2021.

5) Adani Transmission:The share price of this Adani group company has climbed from levels of 1817.50 per piece to levels of 3260 per share since Muhurat trading in 2021, providing a roughly 76% return since the previous Diwali. 5] Adani Transmission

6) Adani Ports: During Muhurat trading in 2021, this Adani group stock rose from levels of 713.70 per share to levels of 800.60 per share, indicating a return of 12% from the previous Diwali.

The BSE Sensex has plummeted from 60,067.62 to 59,307.15 levels since last Diwali, and the NSE Nifty has dropped from 17,916.80 to 17,576.30 levels, giving market investors little return. All Adani Group stocks have given their owners an alpha return since last Diwali.

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