Meet Adele’s Little One – Angelo Adkins

One of the most well-known artists in the music business is Adele. After launching her new era with the eagerly anticipated album 30, she had quite a return. The singer gives her son credit for her abilities. She has discussed her kid frequently in several interviews.

This is all there is to know about Angelo Adkins, the son of Adele.

Who is Adele’s son?

Angelo Adkins is Adele’s son. His last name is that of his mother. Adele and Simon Konecki, her ex-husband, are parents to one kid. By 2021, the pair had broken up.

Who is Adele’s son

Angelo was born on October 19, 2012, in the year 2012. He is currently nine years old. Adele said she wanted her baby to be as grounded as possible when he was three years old.

Adele is currently bringing up her child in England. She takes an active role in her son’s education since she cares so much about Angelo’s education.

Why did Adele and Simon Part Ways?

Simon and Adele began dating in the middle of 2011. Next year, the couple welcomed their son into the world. They decided to advance their love by getting married in 2018. Nonetheless, communication between the two was strained. 11 months after getting married, they parted ways, and in September 2019 they filed for divorce.

The singer said when asked why the duo split up,

“That was no longer right for me. I didn’t want to go through life like many of the folks I knew. I wasn’t miserable, but I would haveprioritizedhadn’t prioritized my needs. But nothing negative or unpleasant occurred.

Even so, Adele wrote the song Easy on Me after her divorce was finalized. Adele is seen in the video giving a final glance around a deserted home before packing her bag, donning her sunglasses, and departing.

Following their divorce, Adele’s publicist assured the media that the couple is still devoted to raising their kid in a loving environment. Adele and Simon can easily co-parent their kid because they live close to one another in Hollywood Hills. The singer has often affirmed that they have a healthy connection.

How Old Is Adele’s Angelo Adkins Now? She Suffered a Postpartum Depression

He will be 10 in 2023. He was born in the United Kingdom on October 19, 2012. When Angelo was born, his parents had a home in West Sussex. The singer kept the baby’s birth very quiet and held off on making any formal announcement for a while.

We are not issuing a comment at this moment, an Adele spokesman added to Daily Mail.

Adele’s Son Angelo Adkins Leads A Hush-Hush Life

Like many famous people, the Grammy Award-winning musician wishes to keep her son a secret. Adele and her ex-boyfriend Simon sued Corbis Images UK privately in 2013 after the company published pesky paparazzi photos of their child that were shot during their public excursions. According to the couple’s attorney, The Guardian

The pair won the lawsuit, and they were awarded a five-figure compensation, according to The Guardian.

Similarly, their newborn child has been with them for over nine years, yet the singer hasn’t posted a single picture of him.

Adkins’ Doting Mother Adele Helps Her Son with His School Work

Adele is very attached to her kid, just like any mother is. In 2016, the artist shared her motherhood experience with Vogue, saying,

Adele, one of the most popular singers, even temporarily gave up her career to raise her kid at home, frequently helping him with his studies.

According to a person close to her who spoke to People in early 2020, the artist is actively involved in her son’s academic endeavors.

Who Shares the Custody of Their Son Angelo?

The Father and mother of Adkins enjoy shared physical and legal custody of their kid following their divorce. Sources claim that even though his parents have kept him very grounded, they are still doing a terrific job for the sake of their son despite their separation.

Also, for their kid’s benefit, they live across the street from one another because they have shared custody of him.

Does Adele’s Son Live With Her Or Her Husband? Details On His Name

As previously stated, Angelo’s parents had equal custody of their son. They have even planned their life so that their kid would have the opportunity to spend time with both of them to provide the greatest possible parenting environment for them.

Yep, Adele lives in a home just next door to her ex-husband. They frequently get together and have movie evenings together.

Know These Things About Adele’s Son, Angelo

Here are a few things to know about Angelo Adkins.

Know These Things About Adele’s Son, Angelo

  • Angelo shares his mother’s love of football. Adele is a fervent fan of football as well. She is a huge supporter of the thneighborhoodod football team, Tottenham hotspot.
  • Angelo leads a lavish existence thanks to his mother’s lucrative work and wealth. Adele’s net worth was estimated to be $300 million as of 2020.
  • Angelo is at his elementary studies level, yet it is uncertain how well he is doing academically.
  • Strangely, Rich Paul, his mother’s new love interest, and Angelo get along well.
  • Adele takes care to keep her baby away from the social media realm. As a result, you won’t find him on social networking sites.
  • When Angelo is out with his mother, the media frequently spots him.
  • The son gets along well with his father as well.

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