Lisa McVey Story: How She Outsmarted a Serial Killer

After being sexually assaulted by her grandmother’s lover in 1984, Lisa McVey decided to take her life. She even composed a message to herself. But afterward, Bobby Joe Long, a serial murderer, abducted the 17-year-old and raped her. She wanted to live as a result of what happened next. Learn what occurred to US police officer Lisa McVey and how she outwitted a serial murderer in the following paragraphs.

Lisa Mcvey Had a History of Abuse

Lisa McVey was born in Tampa, Florida, in March 1967. She grew up there with her grandmother and her lover Morris. When she was 14 years old, her drug and alcohol-dependent mother abandoned her, forcing her to live with her grandmother. She has been in and out of foster care in the past.

Morris repeatedly raped her sexually when she was a teenager, but her grandma paid no attention. The Florida youngster decided to commit herself in 1984 and even left a message for her family. But on November 3, 1984, she was kidnapped by Bobby Joe Long, a rapist and serial murderer who had murdered 10 other women in the Tampa Bay region and sexually raped ten more. Lisa chose to live at this point.

The Story of Lisa’s Abduction

American police officer, school resource officer, and motivational speaker Lisa McVey are active today. She has, however, traveled a long way to get to where she is now. Bobby Joe Long, a serial killer, and rapist, kidnapped Lisa (who was 17 at the time), who ended up becoming Bobby’s final victim.

On November 3, 1984, McVey was taken off her bicycle as she rode home from work to see her grandmother. She was bound and gagged by Bobby Joe Long, a serial murderer, and threatened with a pistol. She was also tortured and raped for 26 hours in addition to this. Later, Lisa discovered that Bobby had committed at least ten murders and perhaps fifty rapes.

She decided to survive and persevere during this period. She was committed to escaping the predicament. The youngster used her anguish as a weapon when she decided to take her life.

The Early Life of Lisa McVey

Lisa McVey had a difficult upbringing since she spent several years in and out of foster care beginning at the age of five. Lisa moved live with her grandma, who had a violent partner when she was 14 years old. Lisa had been sexually assaulted and molested for three years by her grandmother’s lover by the time she was 17 years old.

McVey exclusively used her bicycle to get to her job at a Krispy Kreme doughnut store in Hillsborough County, Florida. To fill in for another employee who had canceled on the day she was working, Lisa chose to work two shifts. On November 3, 1984, the night she was kidnapped, her shift ended at 2 a.m.

Lisa had written a suicide note the day before she left for work since she was at a really bad place in her life at the time. According to her, she claims to have felt liberated as she rode her bike home from work because she was prepared to end it all—until Bobby Joe Long came out from behind a van, knocked Lisa off her bike, and then dragged her into his car.

Where is Lisa McVey now?

Over twenty years ago, Lisa joined the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office and began serving as a school resource officer.

In an interview, McVey described her trauma and stated, “I was deathly scared that he was going to murder me. I was just ready to commit suicide when I realized I would have to defend my life.

She said, “I pulled off my blindfold and saw this gorgeous oak tree as he freed me and drove off. I had desired death, but now that I had a second shot at life, I want life.

Lisa’s Freedom Came at a Cost…

Lisa’s Freedom Came At a Cost…

She pleaded to the serial murderer while she was being held captive and proposed to him that she be his covert lover. She claimed to be the lone kid of a sick father to get Long’s compassion. Lisa persuaded the psychopath to release her to a distant area in addition to this. Then Long commanded her to leave the blindfold on for an additional five minutes before making off.

When she got home, her grandma thrashed her and questioned her for five hours about where she had been. Despite this, she stuck to her version of events, and the police were contacted. In an interview, Lisa stated:

I saw a lot of criminal programs. You’d be astonished at the level of survival abilities you possess in such a situation. He tells me to get naked, so I comply. He inquires about my age. I falsely claim to be 19 years old. As long as I comply with his requests, he won’t kill me, he adds as he leans back.

He compels me to engage in oral sex with him, she said. I reason that after three years of sexual torture, what’s another time? Nevertheless, I’m also thinking that if I survive this, I’ll make sure that it never happens to me again.

Lisa used the knowledge she gained from watching these crime episodes to free herself from imprisonment. She said that she had committed the circumstances of her kidnapping to memory and had purposefully left her prints in Long’s toilet so that the authorities would be able to identify her if she passed away.

According to the information Lisa supplied, including the description of his car, the route they drove, and even Bobby’s description, police were able to locate Long. Ultimately, on November 16, 1984, Long was taken into custody for abducting Lisa and sexually assaulting her.

Long admitted guilt to his crimes against Lisa as well as to an additional eight first-degree murders, seven sexual battery, and eight kidnapping offenses over the course of the trial. On each of the counts, Hillsborough County sentenced him to death. In addition, he was given two death sentences for the murders of Michelle Denise Simms and Virginia Johnson.

On May 23, 2019, Long was put to death. Lisa and another survivor, Linda Nutall, were present when he was put to death. I watched a lot of crime shows, Lisa recalled in a later interview. You’d be astonished at the level of survival instincts you possess in such a situation.

Lisa is a True Survivor…

Lisa is a True Survivor…

Lisa did not choose the wrong path, despite being subjected to repeated rape and suffering at the hands of a serial killer. She switched to the Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation Department as her new employer. You’ve got the mentality to be a cop,” the deputy who arrived at the scene after she reported a break-in at the office stated. Ever considered that?

As a dispatcher and reserve deputy, Lisa was transferred to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in 1999. She completed the police school on her own, and in 2004 she was appointed a deputy. She is employed by the same division that tracked down and apprehended her abductor and has a focus on preventing sex crimes and defending children.

In addition to this, Lisa works as a resource officer at a middle school and tells her story to instruct pupils on how to deal with potentially dangerous circumstances like the ones she experienced as a teen. Now, Lisa McVey is a proud master deputy in the Hillsborough County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office. She was the subject of the 2018 Lifetime film Trust Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey.

Not only that, but she also goes by her married name of Lisa Noland and is happily married to another police officer. She was the focus of an “I Survived a Serial Killer” show on A&E. She calls Bobby Long “the worst devil you’d ever want to know” in the episode. Isn’t her tale motivational?

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