José Trinidad Marín: What happened to Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband?

Introduction of José Trinidad Marín / Trino Marin

Trinidad Marin, the spouse of Jenni Rivera, is officially known as José Trinidad Marn. Trino Marin is his well-known stage name. Trino had an ordinary existence, just like any other non-celebrity.

When Trino first met Jenni in high school, they agreed to have a covert relationship. Before he met American singer Jenni Rivera, he was an average guy.

However, the union did not survive very long, and they ultimately decided to pursue separate careers. Trino is well-known to everyone because to his ex-wife Jenni Rivera.

She was a well-known singer, actor, producer, composer, and businesswoman.José Trinidad Marn was born on February 15, 1964, and as of this writing, he is 58 years old.

Trino is a member of the Aquarius star sign family. Trino was born in Mexico and has dual citizenship with both Mexico and the United States.

In the past, Trino Marin held the position of manager or administrator in charge of a café that offered both American and Mexican cuisine.

Resources indicate that this work was his only source of income. Despite the fact that he is now married, not much is known about his most recent spouse.

Quick overview of José Trinidad Marín / Trino Marin

Full name:                              Jose Trinidad Marin

Nickname:                             Trino Marin

Gender:                                   Male

Date of birth:                         15 February 1964

Age:                                          58 years old

Zodiac:                                     sign Aquarius

Place of birth:                         Mexico

Nationality:                             American and Mexican

Ethnicity:                                Mixed

Religion:                                 Christian

Sexuality:                               Straight

Height in feet:                       5′ 10″

Height in centimetres:         178

Weight in pounds:                148

Weight in kilograms:           67

Hair colour:                           Brown

Eye colour:                             Dark brown

Marital status:                       Divorced

Ex-wife:                                 Jenni Rivera

Children:                               Chiquis Rivera, Jacquie Compos, Michael Marin

Who is Jose Trinidad Marin?

He was married to Jenni Rivera, a late American singer, actress, and TV personality. From 1984 until their divorce in 1992, Jose was wed to the late celebrity. Chiquis, Jacquie, and Michael were the three children born to the marriage.

On February 15, 1964, Jose Trinidad Marin was born in Mexico. He was a little child when his family moved to the US. In 2022, Jose will be 58 years old and under the sign of Aquarius.

Who is José Trinidad Marín’s mother?

Unfortunately, Jose’s mother is not mentioned in any writing. Additionally, you will be let down since there is no information accessible regarding the José Trinidad Marn sisters.

Trino Marin’s ex-wife Jenni Rivera

Rivera was born on July 16, 1967, to Mexican parents in San Antonio, Texas. She started out as a vocalist in the late 1980s, and her first album, Enamorada, brought her widespread fame (1995).

Three songs from the album reached the Top 10 in the US, including “I Bet You” and “La Bic.”Jenni Rivera was a fantastic entertainer and vocalist.

She was adored by her fans and had a very successful career in the music business. When Jenni Rivera was just 15 years old, she fell in love with Trino Marin.

Jenni and José Trinidad Marn wed in 1984 while maintaining a secretive romance. They had a very intimate wedding ceremony. Jenni supposedly married Trino, a 20-year-old guy, when she was just 15 years old.

Jenni Rivera became pregnant at the age of 17 and gave birth to Chiquis Rivera, their first child. She is now 37 years old and well-known in the United States as a singer and TV personality.

Soon after having three children together, Jenni and Trino Marin were divorced. Due to the terrible nature of this divorce, several cases and hearings were held.

After the court determined Trion Marin was guilty, the three kids were delivered to Jenni Rivera.She had a 20-year music career during which she released 12 albums, among them “Jenni, Parrandera, Rebelde, and many more.”

“Latin Grammy Award” was given to her. The “Staron Las Vegas Walk of Star” honoured the all-time favourite singer.

Rivera was the singer and composer of Mariachi music with the most sales. She also volunteered her time for TV shows like “I love you,” “Chaquis and Rag-C,” etc.

Jenni Rivera’s tragic story never fails to inspire others to never give up no matter how many times they fail. Regardless of the circumstances, she always gave her all to her devotion.

She is the queen of using music to promote love. She vowed to pursue happiness even after enduring such a catastrophe, which serves as motivation for millions of others looking for companions in life.

On September 25, 2013, Jeni Rivera, a Mexican American singer and actress, passed away abruptly. She was 43 years old.

Rivera sung in Spanish, English, and Portuguese and was regarded as one of the most well-known Latin American singers of her age.

Quick Bio of Jenni Rivera

Full Name:                  Jenni Rivera

DOB:                            2 July 1969

Birth Place:                 Long Beach, US

Nationality:                 American

Ethnicity:                    America-Mexican

Profession:                  Singer, Writer, and Actress

Husbands:                   José Trinidad Marín (1984-1992), Juan López (1997-2003) and Esteban Loaiza (2010-2012)

Networth:                    $7 Million

Son:                               3

Daughter:                     2

Married in:                   Last married in 2010

Age:                                Died at the age of 43

Death:                            19 Dec 2012

José Trinidad Marín’s Divorce with his ex-wife, Jeni Rivera

Jenni, the wife of Jose Trinidad Marin, and he met while they were both young and jobless, and they later wed.

Despite the fantastic and romantic beginnings of the couple’s relationship, Jenny’s latter years of marriage were tragic and ruined.

Jenny said in court that José Trinidad Marn often mistreated her. She stated that he was controlling and aggressive throughout their relationship.

Later, Jenni’s sister also came out against Jose Trinidad Marin’s inappropriate actions against her. He was charged with sexual harassment by her.

She also said that Trinidad had abused and made his two kids feel uneasy. Trinidad had gone too far. As the mother reported the alleged abuse to the police, it apparently went on.

She discovered that her kid had been sexually molested later on when she woke up from a sleep in the restroom. Jose received a sentence of more than 31 years in prison as a consequence.

Trino Marin was the subject of all these allegations as well as public and media scrutiny. Jose Trinidad was found guilty, and as a result, he was eventually imprisoned in April 2006.

He will serve a 31-year sentence. As a result, he is still incarcerated and looking forward to his release.

Death of his ex-wife Jeni Rivera

Jenni and Trino Marin eventually got divorced, and she eventually left the relationship. She assumed custody of her kids and saw to it that they were secure.

Later, she wed Juan Lopez, another guy. The pair did, however, split up in 2003. Later in 2010, Jenni wed Esteban Loaiza, a former baseball player from Mexico.

On her route to Toluca, Mexico, Jenni was killed in a helicopter accident. She was on the road because she was scheduled to participate on The Voice.

Jenni was allegedly in the middle of divorcing her third spouse, however this did not occur since Jenni passed away on December 9, 2012.

Sadly, Jenni and the other passengers in the helicopter both passed away at the age of 43. The 31st of December 2012 saw her burial.

All five of her children helped each other out when she passed away. The elder sister, Chiquis, excelled as a motherly figure to the younger ones.

The kids were all resilient and helped each other even in the most trying circumstances, despite the ups and downs in the family and the mother’s life.

Trino Marin’s children

Jenni and Trino Marin have three children. The couple had their first daughter on June 26. Chiquis Rivera was their firstborn kid.

Their second child, Jacqie Campos, was born in 1989. Michael Marin, a boy, was their third child and was born in September 1991.

Like their mother, all three of the children entered the entertainment industry. Chiquis, the mother’s oldest child, is now a well-known singer with a YouTube account.

On her channel, she often uploads vlogs and music. The couple’s other two kids perform various roles in Mexican and English-language television shows and movies.

His first daughter, Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera is a successful entrepreneur, performer, and composer from the United States. She is the daughter of the late Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera and Trino Marin.

Chiquis started her career as an actor when she was young, playing roles in her mother’s music videos. She released her album Ahora in 2009, marking her solo music debut.

Chiquis wed guitarist Lorenzo E. Mendez Ronquillo in June 2019. However, Chiquis made the decision to end her relationship with Lorenzo public in September 2020, claiming that all sides had agreed to it.

Marín’s Second Daughter Jacqie Campos

Jacqie Campos identified as a Mexican-American actress and singer, following in the footsteps of her mother. On November 20th, 1989, Jeni Rivera, her mother, gave birth to Jacqie.

Although she was reared in the beautiful American city of Long Beach, her father, José Trinidad Marn, often sexually assaulted her as a kid, ruining and traumatising her early years.

When she made an appearance in the television programme “I Love Jenni,” the well-known actress made her acting debut in 2011.

She and Danny Yanez were divorced, and she is now in a committed relationship with Mike Campos.

Trino Marin’s son Michael Marin

The only child of Trino Marin and Jenni Rivera, reality TV star and muralist Michael Rivera is widely recognised for his expansive murals.

He gained enormous popularity for his participation in the reality TV shows The Real (2017), The Riveras (2016–2017), and I Love Jenni.

For around two years, Michael Rivera and Drea Ibarra were in a committed relationship (2011-2013). There is no further information on Michael’s relationship that can be located in the general domain.

Present relations

Chiquis, Trinidad Marin and Jenni’s eldest child, forgiven her father. She made an announcement while the hearing was still going on back inside the court that she was excusing her father despite everything he had done.

She said that it was impossible to deny the fact that Trinidad was her father and that she still loved him.

Although there are few media reports regarding his second marriage, he does have one. A few years ago, Trinidad’s brother attested to Trinidad’s excellent health and continued imprisonment.

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