How To See Previously Downloaded Apps On Mobile and PC

How to see previously Downloaded Apps: Each of us has downloaded at least one app in our lifetime, regardless of whether it was on our PC or smartphone. According to statistics, more than 299 billion apps are available for download worldwide. Unfortunately, keeping track of all of them is impossible.

Have you recently purchased a new phone? Have you deleted an app you love by mistake? How to see previously downloaded apps. It’s common for us to download random games for fun, only to remove them later. As a result, we need to remember their names and locate them again. 

How To See Previously Downloaded Apps

You’re here to see which apps you’ve already downloaded. How to see previously downloaded apps that we deleted? The good news is that every device can redownload lost apps. 

Your new device will be able to see programs you have installed on previous phones. Furthermore, these apps will still work after you delete them several times.

How To See Previously Downloaded Apps On Mobile Phones

Apps previously downloaded can be viewed in the official store of the respective smartphone. These sections cover mobile platforms on various mobile devices.

On Android Phones

There is no need to worry if we want to use our previously downloaded apps on Android. Our Google Play Store library contains every app we’ve ever used. In other words, it’s easy to get back to them.

These step-by-step instructions will show you how to see previously downloaded apps on an Android device:

  • First, Android users can access the Play Store by opening the application.
  • To view the associated apps, select the correct Google account
  • Afterward, click Manage apps and devices. The Overview and Manage options are located here.
  • Click on Manage, the second option.
  • A list of currently installed apps is displayed in the Play Store first. Then, you can find the programs you have previously downloaded using the drop-down menu.
  • Make sure that Not installed is selected. The list of apps you downloaded and not currently installed on your device will now appear.

Once you have viewed your old applications, you will be able to perform a variety of actions. As a first step, see what’s changed since you last used the app. Starting is as easy as clicking the down-arrow button. The games can also be viewed if you wish.

In addition, the apps can be sorted by name or date installed. Alternatively, you can select Recently added from the menu. You can delete an app from your library by ticking it and clicking on the delete icon. Likewise, you can reinstall your Android device by selecting the download icon.

On iPhone

App Stores on iOS and Android both contain a library containing our downloaded apps history. The following are the steps you need to follow to view that how to see previously downloaded apps installed on your iPhone: 

  • First, open your App Store and sign in to the account you want to view.
  • Then, on your iPhone screen, tap your profile icon.
  • Choose Purchased next. Downloaded apps are listed on your Apple ID.
  • Two options are available. For an overview of the entire library, click the All tab. You can also view apps not installed on your current device by choosing the Not on this iPhone tab.

iPhone’s search box is one of its most interesting features. Directly search for the application you want using this feature. Press the download button directly to reinstall an app. You can enter the password for this program after you previously downloaded it.

You might have difficulty removing one of the apps. Hold down the application for a few seconds to do so. Click Hide now. You will permanently remove your library from this program.

On Windows Phone

Windows phones allow us to preview previously downloaded apps like Android and iOS. Unfortunately, the previous version didn’t have this feature, so we had to check our purchases using a desktop or mobile browser.

The Microsoft Store now allows us to view our old products. To view how to see previously downloaded apps on your Windows Phone, follow these basic instructions:

  • First, ensure your Windows Store account is logged in on your device.
  • Just beside the search bar is an icon for your profile. Click it.
  • Select My Library from the list. They will display your downloaded programs in a new window.
  • Then, you can view your previously installed applications using the Show All button.

Your current device is compatible with the apps on top. It’s not possible to check all apps on the device, but you can try them anyway. They will usually locate the programs at the bottom of the list, and you won’t be able to reinstall them.

How To See Previously Downloaded Apps on PC

It is almost the same on a PC as on a mobile device to view previously downloaded apps. On both Windows and macOS, this section will explain how you can view your removed items step-by-step.

On Windows 11

You can view old apps on a PC like on a mobile device. It is easy to reinstall our favorite programs using Microsoft Store in Windows. Using Windows 11, you can view that how to see previously downloaded apps using these steps:

  • Click on the start button on the Windows taskbar.
  • Search for it in the Microsoft Store. You can find the application manually or by typing in the search bar.
  • The store window will open once you are logged in. Your old apps will not be visible if another user uses the store.
  • You can find previously downloaded apps by scrolling down. You will generally see the latest installed apps at the top of the list. Previously downloaded apps appear below that.

It is possible to check when they purchased an item in Microsoft Store. As well as updating and modifying the applications, you can also add new features. A library item cannot be removed, unfortunately.

On Mac

Your items are still accessible, regardless of whether you deleted them or installed them on another Apple device. We can view our entire download history using Mac’s App Store. In how to see previously downloaded apps on your Mac can show previously downloaded apps if you follow these guidelines:

  • Let’s start by launching your App Store.
  • Click the icon to access Purchased. In addition, a list of all the apps you have downloaded from the Mac App Store appears in this window.
  • You can install previously downloaded apps by clicking the Install button. By pressing the button, you can re-download them.

The operating systems of the past did not offer a function for downloading an app used on a previous device. Furthermore, we had to reinstall every app. We don’t need to format or replace our devices anymore. The library of our account allows us to download old apps easily. 

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