How to Increase EasyPaisa Wallet Limit 2022 (100% Working Methods)

EasyPaisa is among the most widely used websites in Pakistan for money transactions. Due to limitations, EasyPaisa only permits you to transfer a limited amount.

To boost the daily transfer cap, you must upgrade EasyPaisa from Level 1 to Level 2, at which point it becomes greater than 25,000 PKR.

There are effectively just two tiers in 2022 where you may transfer money, according on the levels that EasyPaisa gives to the accounts:

  • EasyPaisa Level 1 Account (Semi-verified)
  • EasyPaisa Level 2 Account (Verified).

You may send and receive 25,000 PKR per day, 50,000 PKR per month, and 200,000 PKR per year with EasyPaisa’s basic service. In light of recent updates, you may now refer to that as a “Semi-verified Account.”

You may send and receive 50,000 PKR per day, 200,000 PKR per month, and 1,200,000 PKR per year using EasyPaisa’s Level 2 or “Verified Account.”

How to Check Sending/Receiving daily Limit in EasyPaisa in 2022?

The EasyPaisa daily sending and receiving limit may be easily checked; just adhere to the steps below to do so:

  • Activate the EasyPasia software.
  • Enter the password.
  • By choosing “My Account,” navigate to “Account information.”
  • The limit may be seen by scrolling down.


After launching the EasyPasia app, enter the password. After entering “My Account,” you must select “Account Information.” There will be an indication of the daily sending and receiving cap.

In my case, it is the default setting as I recently created my EasyPaisa account. I can only send a set amount from my EasyPaisa account, so.

You may also see all the details about your EasyPaisa account, such as your IBAN, EasyPaisa Account Level, current balance, and the daily, monthly, and yearly wallet restrictions.

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How to Increase EasyPaisa Wallet Limit in 2022?

Simply visit a Telenor franchise site and show your original CNIC in order to enhance the EasyPaisa wallet limit. Your EasyPaisa Wallet’s limit will be increased, and they’ll utilise biometric verification to validate your identity. Make sure to include all necessary details.

You may also link your EasyPaisa wallet with Telenor Microfinance bank. To continue with this step, you must have a Telenor Microfinance bank account. You must go to your nearby Telenor Microfinance Bank and provide precise details on your identification and income. Please remember to include the following details:

latest power bill copy with the original CNIC source of income.

You may connect your account to the one they validate and create.


I trust that you now know how to increase the EasyPaisa wallet limit. I recently established an EasyPaisa wallet account and increased the limit using the methods outlined above. You can ask any queries you may have regarding the content in the comment area.

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