Heardle today, October 18: Answer, hints, and help for song of the day (Tuesday)

Having trouble figuring out the Heardle for October 18? Do you want assistance?

I hope you’ve gotten used to Heardle by this point. Try to determine the solution in no more than three guesses. Making three guesses is definitely doable if you examine our clues!

Please keep in mind that we have provided some tips below to point you in the correct way if you need assistance.

You can discover the answer to yesterday’s song of the day here if you missed it. Be sure to check back daily for clues and assistance in solving the daily Heardle.

What is Heardle?

The online musical puzzle Heardle was developed by the digital music studio Omaske Studios. The popular Wordle website, which is noted for its simplicity, served as the game’s inspiration.

Heardle is similar to Wordle in that you can only play it once per day without any commercials or sign-in requirements.

Unlike other app-based puzzles, this prevents data mischief and addiction. Heardle is a web-only game; there are no iOS or Android apps available.

How to play Heardle

Heardle is a musically themed version of Wordle or Framed. Players try to identify the song’s author and title after hearing a clip from a well-known song.

Every wrong or skipped response allows the player to hear a few more seconds of the song. Users will hear the song for a maximum of 16 seconds if they guess correctly six times.

The objective is to identify the music with the fewest guesses possible.

Heardle song hints for Tuesday, October 18

The 2019 Heardle was published.

The Heardle of today belongs to the synth-pop category.

In today’s Heardle, the artist’s name begins with the letter W.

Heardle answer for Tuesday, October 18

Do you give up and require support? Do not be concerned; we are here to assist you! Scroll down to the bottom of this page to view the Heardle’s solution.

The response to Heardle of the day is…

The Weeknd’s song Blinding Lights

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