Happiest Minds Technologies fired employees doing moonlighting. See what it did next?

Moonlighting is unacceptable since it is a breach of the employment agreement, and only a small number of workers have been fired in the previous six to twelve months, according to an IT firm named Happiest Minds Technologies.

In the most recent quarter, the company’s net profit increased by 33.7% year over year, while its total revenue increased by 31.1%. According to the news agency PTI, the company employed roughly 4,581 people as of September 30, 2022.

While claiming that moonlighting is not particularly common at their organisation, Happiest Minds withheld the precise number of workers who have faced disciplinary action as a result.

Since Wipro Chairman Rishad Premji exposed the problem on Twitter and compared it to “cheating,” the topic of moonlighting or multiple work has become a hot topic in the IT sector.

Several businesses have publicly stated that they oppose dual employment over the course of the previous several weeks.

According to Executive Vice Chairman of Happiest Minds Joseph Anantharaju, “We have made quite clear with our workers that it is something we would not allow… because when you sign a contract or job offer, you are pledging to work solely for that firm.”

He was also questioned about if the business has discovered any instances of staff moonlighting. “It is a message you want to send throughout the firm, so when we had a couple, we swiftly fired them.

Even if it is just a few hours there, there is no actual way to know that. Therefore, we did it “Anantharaju stated.

“You can’t be moonlighting, that much is evident. If you want to participate in some volunteer work in unrelated fields, you could prefer to spend the weekend teaching at a different school.

However, you must devote all of your time to working out here and Happyest Minds for us “Added he.

According to him, this is one of the reasons the business has begun rehiring staff members since participation in such activities reduces the likelihood of many of these issues occurring and allows for their early detection and elimination, according to PTI.

Approximately 67 percent of the company’s workers started working in the most recent quarter; the goal is to increase this percentage by January 1, 2023, and have the majority of employees working there by April 1.

“No moonlighting or working two jobs!” The second-largest IT services provider in India has said.

Other IT companies that oppose moonlighting are:

In its Q2 earnings report, Infosys said unequivocally that it opposes moonlighting and that it had dismissed workers who have been engaged in it during the previous 12 months.

According to PTI, Wipro’s Rishad Premji disclosed last month that 300 workers had been let go because the IT services provider would not tolerate any employees who opted to work directly with competitors while still on the Wipro payroll.

Other IT firms have also spoken out against moonlighting, a practise that discreetly gained popularity during the pandemic-induced lockdown and work from home, according to reports from PTI.

Although it rushed to clarify that the issue is not a serious one inside the firm, HCL Technologies has said that it does not support multiple employment.

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