Best Small Business Shipping Supplies (for Etsy Sellers & Online Shops)

Over the years, I’ve conducted a great deal of study on small company shipping supplies, and I wanted to share what I learned with you!

9. Protective Wrapping

This doesn’t only apply to delicate goods like porcelain. However, if you’re shipping pottery, you’d better wrap it up tight!

Inside the box or envelope that most items are transported in, there should be at least one layer preventing damage from wear and tear.

There are several types of protective wrapping. Use Kraft paper that can be recycled instead of bubble wrap for a more ecologically responsible option.

To prevent wear and bending to the edges and corners, I covered my books in thick Kraft paper.

I made careful to include crumpled paper or recycled bubble wrap if the interior of a box is vacant enough that the books will be thrown around.

To save money, you could purchase a huge roll or box of protective material if you have a storage room.

10. Individual Product Packaging

It could be difficult to wrap your things in paper or bubble wrap if they are little. Individual packaging fills that need.

Here are a few illustrations:

  • cardboard jewelry boxes in miniature
  • little satchels with drawstrings
  • smaller envelopes

These are crucial for safeguarding your goods, but they also enhance the unpacking experience for your customers. They’ll think they’re getting a present that was specially packaged for them.

For additional inventive product packaging ideas (stickers, twine, stamps, etc.) and information on why it’s important for your company, see this post.

Final Tips for Buying Small Business Shipping Supplies

Invest in Amazon Prime

I get the majority of my shipping goods from Amazon. It’s not just practical; it may also be quite economical.

Nevertheless, if you’re paying for delivery, that’s not necessarily the case!

Ensure that the materials you choose come with free shipping, or get an annual Amazon Prime subscription. Receive a free trial here.

My subscription has more than paid for itself. The holidays are a particularly fantastic time for it.

You won’t have to be concerned about delivery expenses if you have Prime. Additionally, Prime products often arrive within 2 days.

This has been helpful a lot of times when I’ve almost run out of something and forgot to stock up!

Always Buy in Bulk

Since I’ve emphasized this so frequently, you might feel as though I’ve hammered you over the head with it.

However, in all seriousness, you receive far more value that way.

Start with an estimated 1-month supply if you’re unsure of how much you’ll need. You may then determine if purchasing a larger amount is reasonable for you after that.

Get Creative With Storage

I found out how to store all my shipping materials behind the pool table my parents gave us while my husband and I were living in a small, one-story house. They didn’t occupy any room we would have needed otherwise this way.

It was like trying to play Tetris while trying to cram everything into that tiny area. But once I had a system in place for organizing, it became a lot simpler.

So take action and use your imagination!

Once you’ve chosen your small business shipping supplies, read this article for tips on product packaging to distinguish your items and brand.

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