Best Prime Day Deals: Top picks from the October Prime Day sale

It’s the final day of Amazon’s Prime Day sale Early Access promotion, so start all of your last-minute buying today because Prime Day bargains will end this evening. Even while it isn’t being referred to as “Prime Day,” the Early Access sale is essentially a holiday-focused version of the original, giving you yet more chances to get whatever your little heart desires at a great price. Hence, now is the ideal moment to upgrade your TV, buy a new game console, buy some reasonably priced household products, or engage in any other type of online shopping. Similar to the July event, this one will include a number of incredible and previously unseen offers with Members of Amazon Prime receiving the best and biggest discounts and early access to holiday sale prices.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon’s biggest annual sale is Prime Day. The annual two-day bargains extravaganza typically takes place in the summer and is only accessible to Amazon Prime subscribers. You may always sign up for a free 30-day trial(opens in a new tab) to gain access to the subsequent Prime Day offers if you are not a member when it occurs.

This year’s formal Prime Day event for the summer was followed by a second “Prime Early Access” sale, which is effectively a repeat of the prior event and a sneak peek at the retailer’s Black Friday discounts.

If the trial is not available, a Prime subscription is currently $14.99 per month, or $139 annually, following a price rise in February. Formerly, it cost $119 per year or $12.99 each month.

Please read our Amazon Prime review to learn more about everything a membership includes, including free delivery, access to Prime Video, and much more. If you don’t plan to stay a member after the sale, that can help you determine whether you want to cancel Amazon Prime.

The first Prime Day was held in 2015 to commemorate Amazon’s 20th birthday. The online company claims its sole objective was to “provide a volume of bargains higher than Black Friday” to persuade consumers to spend money outside of the October–December holiday season.

Since then, it has grown to become one of the greatest discounts in the world’s retail calendar, with numerous other sizable merchants announcing their specials to tap into the sizable online audiences around Prime Day.

We’ve seen spending totals near $11 billion in prior years, which is more than the $10.7 billion and $10.9 billion particularly spent online during the last two Cyber Monday sales. While Prime Day is technically a single-shop event and lasts for 48 hours rather than just one, it’s crucial to note that the figures are still astonishing.

Amazon Music Unlimited — 4 months free

Amazon Music Unlimited — 4 months free

You don’t have to think too hard about whether it’s worthwhile to subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited because it’s one of the best music streaming services. This is because you may sign up for the service for free for the first four months if you have never used it before. To avoid paying anything after the first four months, you only have to cancel your subscription before the renewal date. It’s a wonderful value because four months of Amazon Music Unlimited save you $36.

You can access what seems like a limitless amount of music by signing up. You always get unlimited access to any song and there are never any ads. You can also access unlimited skips while listening to Amazon Music Unlimited offline. High-definition audio also referred to as lossless high-definition audio, is given at a high-quality streaming rate. It sounds amazing and keeps the detail of original recordings at double the bitrate of standard-definition streaming providers.

Also, you have the advantage of spatial audio, which makes the music feel genuinely immersive, grabbing your attention, and giving you the impression that you’re actually at a concert. With thousands of songs accessible in Dolby Atmos and 360-degree audio, it is combined in a way that gives you exceptional definition and depth. You can use Amazon Music Unlimited to access all of your favorite podcasts in addition to listening to music, making sure that all of your favorite audio selections are available in one location. Everyone who enjoys listening to music regularly—while working, exercising, or just unwinding at home—will find this service great. To completely free up Amazon Music Unlimited, just remember to deactivate it before your subscription expires.

Amazon Smart Plug — $13, was $25

This year, Prime Day smart home discounts will likely be well-liked because everyone wants to reduce their energy costs. The Amazon Smart Plug is among the best smart plugs available because it is incredibly affordable, simple to install, and supports routines, scheduling, and even provides energy-saving advice. The Amazon Smart Plug integrates with Alexa, as you would expect from an Amazon product, so you can use your voice to set things up or check the Alexa dashboard for some sage energy-saving advice.

Before making recommendations, the Alexa energy dashboard can estimate consumption. From there, you may program a variety of appliances, fans, and lights to turn on and off automatically or to be controlled remotely while you’re away. Such planning is beneficial for several reasons. By making a strategy for how you’ll use the appliances, you may ensure nothing is turned on unnecessarily. Also, you may program lights to turn on even when you are away to deter possible attackers. The Amazon Smart Plug’s greatest feature is that it installs quickly and makes virtually everything with a plug smarter than it was before.

Plugging in the Amazon Smart Plug and launching the Alexa app is all that is required for setup. Because of its small size and lack of space requirements, the second outlet next to it is always available for your use. You’ll want multiples of each of these plugs since they allow you to organize your home far more effectively than you could with more conventional methods. A great money-saver when configured properly, you’ll immediately see the benefits as your home runs improve.

Amazon Fire TV Stick — $20, was $40

Amazon Fire TV Stick — $20, was $40

If you have an older TV without streaming capabilities, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the best streaming devices available for anyone who doesn’t need a 4K streaming device. Even if your TV supports streaming apps, it probably won’t be as quick or user-friendly as the Amazon Fire TV Stick. In terms of ongoing app and service support, owning a dedicated streaming device is usually more practical. With the Amazon Fire TV Stick, there is virtually any noticeable bulk because all you need to do is plug the stick into the TV’s back to get started.

This makes using the Amazon Fire TV Stick easy from beginning to end. After a brief period of setup, you may start controlling the action with the Alexa voice remote that comes with the stick. The Amazon Fire TV Stick knows what to do after you tap in commands or speak your instructions. It has 50% more power than the Fire TV Stick’s predecessor and can stream more than a million movies and TV shows from just about any streaming service you can imagine. If you have a Sling TV or YouTube TV subscription, you can also watch live TV with it. Even free options are available, including well-known ad-supported streaming programs like IMDb TV, Tubi, Pluto TV, and others.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick makes it simple to search for entertainment no matter what you want to watch. You can easily access popular apps like Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu thanks to preset buttons, and the Amazon Fire TV Stick supports Dolby Atmos, so if your home audio system does too, you may have a far more immersive experience than previously. It’s a fantastic method to update your current TV with the newest technologies.

Amazon Echo Show 5 — $35, was $85

The Amazon Echo Show 5 is much more than just a smart alarm clock; it serves as a central hub from which you can access all of your smart home devices, stay up to date on the news, ask Alexa 101 questions, and more. It’s the kind of gadget you should put in your kitchen or nightstand cupboard so you can use it first thing in the morning. The differences between the Amazon Echo Show 5 (1st Gen) and the Amazon Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) might not be as noticeable, but for someone unfamiliar with this type of device, it’s a big improvement.

You can use the Amazon Echo Show 5 to stream music, check your calendar, set alarms and timers, and control Alexa-enabled devices in other ways. You can also use it to make video calls with the 2MP camera thanks to the addition of a 5.5-inch screen, allowing you to stay in touch with friends and family. Simply having the Alexa app or another Echo device with a screen will do. You can also access streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It might not be as appealing on a smaller screen, but if you’re multitasking in the kitchen, it’s still helpful.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 is designed to be incorporated into your daily routine. With the help of smart home connectivity, you can ask Alexa to wake you up with the news or your favorite music and gradually turn on the lights while you get ready for the day. Even better, you can utilize Facebook or Amazon Photos to transform the Amazon Echo Show 5 into a digital picture frame. With the addition of appealing aesthetics and a little more functionality, it’s a fantastic improved way to take advantage of all the advantages of Alexa.

Bella Pro Series 4-qt. Digital Air Fryer — $50, was $70

The greatest air fryers let you cook all of your favorite foods, from a roast or fried chicken for the family supper to late-night French fries. Anyone wishing to make healthy fried foods at home needs the Bella Pro Series 4-quart Digital Air Fryer. This air fryer is ideal for making crispy French fries, mouthwatering fried chicken, or nutritious kale chips. You can even create fresh doughnuts in it nearly guilt-free.

Unlike some smaller air fryers, this one’s huge 4-quart (3.3-pound) capacity makes it simple to prepare a whole meal. Also, because it heats up to 50% faster than traditional ovens, it will help you save time and money. When you get home from work and are in want of a good dinner or snack right away, there’s no need to wait for it to preheat.

With customizable settings from 90 to 400 degrees F for consistently excellent, crispy, cooked results, you may prepare a whole roasted fish and vegetables or whip up a treat for the kids with its powerful 1,500-watt heating system. The 60-minute auto cutoff timer has an indicator light and audible tone, so you’ll never leave home and wonder, “Did I turn off the air fryer?” again thanks to the digital touchscreen control’s simple one-button setting adjustments.

In addition to being a great way to prepare all of your family’s favorite foods and sweets, the Bella Pro Series 4-qt. Digital Air Fryer also looks excellent in your kitchen. Both modern and classic kitchens can benefit from its elegant matte black appearance, and thanks to its small size, it won’t take up much counter space. Now, this is without a doubt one of the greatest Prime Day air fryers offers available.

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker — $50, was $100

There are some fantastic Prime Day Keurig discounts available, like this K-Mini Coffee Machine, if you’re in the market for a new coffee maker. Maybe your studio space is too small to accommodate a large coffee maker. For your morning iced coffee, you could also just want something portable that you can use in both the kitchen and the home office. If so, this coffee maker is the right choice for you. The K-Mini is the smallest coffee machine available from Keurig, taking up less than five inches of space and featuring convenient cable management to keep countertops secure and clutter-free.

You may use this coffee maker to prepare one 6 to 12-ounce cup at a time, filling the one-cup reservoir with fresh water each time to ensure the best-tasting coffee, tea, cocoa, or iced beverage. The Keurig K-Mini uses Keurig K-Cup Pods, and with more than 400 different flavors and over 75 different brand options, it’s simple to select your favorite beverage, whether it’s an Earl Grey tea or a chai latte.

The K-Mini is compatible with the My K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter if you want to make your ground coffee and want to reduce your waste (sold separately). Because of its auto-off feature, which turns the coffee maker off 90 seconds after your last brew, it’s also a cost- and environment-friendly option.

Good news if you’re getting your coffee to go! The K-Mini can hold mugs up to 7 inches tall, making it suitable for travel. Should your beverage spill or overflow, the removable drip tray will catch the entire batch, making cleanup as simple and quick as preparing your drink.

With its sleek, matte black finish and slim modern design, this coffee maker not only makes some of the best espresso or iced vanilla lattes around, but it also looks excellent on your kitchen counter or in your home office.

Amazon Echo Show 8 (1st Gen) — $55, was $110

Even though the Amazon Echo Show 8 (1st Gen) isn’t the most recent version of the device, it’s still a fantastic addition to anyone’s house if they want to feel more in charge of their smart home and have easier access to Alexa. Instead of purchasing an Echo Dot or Echo Show 5 during a Prime Day sale, you may purchase the Amazon Echo Show 8 (1st Gen) and enjoy a larger screen with Alexa functionality. The idea behind Alexa is that she can assist you in organizing your day with her 8-inch HD screen and dual sound. It’s the perfect appliance to have in the kitchen or on your nightstand.

You may ask Alexa to display a variety of things with the device, like the most recent news and weather, podcasts or radio stations, movie or TV show previews, and podcasts. There are plenty of possibilities because it supports streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and many others. Also, you can ask Alexa to manage your smart home, such as changing the thermostat or managing the lights, and you can access any installed security cameras. Alexa can help you even when you’re cooking by giving you hands-free instructions and daily recipes so you can learn something new.

While working, relaxing, or having fun, you can always glance at your loved ones or favorite vistas by turning the Amazon Echo Show 8 (1st Gen) into a digital photo frame with Amazon Photos and Alexa. With video chatting readily available to anyone with the Alexa app or their Echo device with a screen, you may call friends and family whenever you want to speak to them with the Amazon Echo Show 8 (1st Gen). The Amazon Echo Show 8 (1st Gen) is a great addition to your life and is much more functional than an Echo Dot.

Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus — $140, was $200

Anybody looking at the top floodlight cameras should consider the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus. A floodlight camera is a terrific way to feel more secure about your home’s surroundings outside, whether you’re just checking to see if an animal is disturbing trash outside or you’re worrying about attackers. It is a 1080p HD security camera with integrated motion-sensitive LED floodlights. Together with two-way communication, adjustable motion zones, and a 105dB security siren, you also receive the advantages of this system.

You are therefore fully in charge. No matter where you are in the globe, you can always check in at home thanks to motion-activated notifications on your phone, tablet, or Laptop. In addition, you can modify motion zones to precisely target and select particular regions of your home’s exterior for attention. There won’t be any erroneous alerts that way. The two LED floodlights can illuminate the area and perhaps frighten away any potential threats, and the built-in color night vision guarantees that you can always get a clear picture.

Hardwiring the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus to the outside of your house is simple, and connecting it to your WiFi is equally straightforward. Even better, you can integrate it with Alexa so you can give commands to it, like asking Alexa to show you a specific place. When someone does arrive, you may also communicate with them by speaking to them on the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus, which is useful for interacting with delivery drivers. Particularly if you travel regularly, it’s a really easy approach to be more conscious of what’s happening back home.

Ring Alarm 8-Piece Kit — $150, was $250

The Ring Alarm 8-Piece Set is all about ease and easy setup, unlike even the best home security systems, which can seem frightening to set up and operate. Even while it will take some time to set up and arrange in the appropriate areas of your home, it’s still easy to do. It comes with a base station, a keypad, four contact sensors, a motion detector, and a range extender and is best suited for houses with one to two bedrooms. You don’t need anything else to create a reliable DIY alarm system.

It’s more user-friendly keypad contains emergency buttons that are simple to press if necessary, and the entire family may easily learn how to use it. Also, the Ring Alarm 8-Piece Set contains smaller touch sensors to make it easier for it to fit in with your home. Once configured, you can get smartphone alerts whenever the system is triggered from anywhere. You can modify your alarm modes, keep an eye on all of your Ring devices, and make any adjustments using the app.

Also, the Ring Alarm 8-Piece Set supports Alexa, which is helpful for anyone who doesn’t want to take out their phone. You can arm and disarm the Ring Alarm by speaking to Alexa. If Alexa Guard detects the sound of smoke alarms or shattered glass, it will also send you notifications. When the risk is detected, you may even summon trained agents from your Echo by using the extra Ring Protect Pro plan. The Ring Alarm 8-Piece Set, which deals with every scenario, is easy to set up and makes you feel safer at home right away. Anytime you are outside for a while and feel uneasy about the possibility of a break-in, this is a great method to boost your confidence.

iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum — $180, was $300

Deals on Roombas for Prime Day are always plentiful, and the company makes the best robot vacuums for pet hair. Due to its substantial price and abundance of useful functions, the iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum is one of the finest Prime Day robot vacuum bargains available. Because of its thoughtful design, it can handle both carpets and hardwood floors. Because of its extensive three-stage cleaning technique, it is also skilled at handling pet hair. The iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum has dual multi-surface brushes that can easily pick up dirt and debris while an edge-sweeping brush takes care of any corners and edges.

The outcomes are superb and superior to anything you might have achieved on your own. Even better, you can plan the iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum to complete its tasks as needed, just as with all the greatest robot vacuums. The iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum can start cleaning with just the sound of your voice or a push of a button and is accessible via the iRobot app or by utilizing your voice assistant like Alexa. It can learn your cleaning routines as well, so it vacuums only when you ask it to.

The iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum also has adaptive navigation. It can go along edges, under and around furniture, and around corners without missing an important spot. Even if it is about to fall steps, it can sense it and halt it before anything bad happens. The dirtier areas of your home with the most traffic can be identified with the aid of a dirt detection sensor, and they can be cleaned even more thoroughly. The iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum is a game-changer for your cleaning schedule because it seems intelligent in all aspects. Your house will remain cleaner than ever thanks to it.

Apple Watch SE — $199, was $279

For the majority of users, the Apple Watch SE is without a doubt the greatest model. It doesn’t have the always-on display found on the Apple Watch Series 6 and 7, but it nevertheless has almost everything else a decent Apple Watch should have. We are therefore always happy to see it prominently included in the Prime Day Apple Watch discounts. Even though it might seem like it would be most suited for someone who leads an active lifestyle, it works well for anyone who is even somewhat concerned about their health or in reducing the frequency with which they need to pick up their phone. With a 30% larger display and double the speed of the Apple Watch Series 3, it looks great. You can easily customize it by adding other watch faces or bands to get it exactly how you want it.

The Apple Watch SE is designed to be durable and water-resistant after it is set up. It may be used when hiking, working out, or just going about your everyday activities. If it notices you exercising, it will quickly measure what you’re doing so you can monitor your improvement. The Apple Watch SE continuously monitors your steps taken, and calories burnt and provide information on whether you’re walking faster than previously. Also, it can identify any abnormal cardiac rhythms and alert you to a potential issue. The Apple Watch SE’s fall detection feature allows it to monitor your health even while you’re asleep, giving the elderly and disabled peace of mind.

The Apple Watch SE functions flawlessly with all of your other Apple devices anywhere. It can assist you in finding all of your other gadgets, instantly unlocking your Mac, and playing music through AirPods. Even Apple Pay is supported, enabling watch payments. Also, you may get calls, messages, and notifications on your watch rather than having to constantly take out your phone. You may also ask it a wide range of inquiries without difficulty thanks to Siri support.

Bose Quiet Comfort 45 — $229, was $329

Bose Quiet Comfort 45 — $229, was $329

If you want to drown out as much outside noise as possible, don’t pass up this Bose QC45 Prime Day offer. The Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones provide about everything you could need, including an extraordinarily comfortable fit, outstanding noise cancellation, and high-quality sound. Bose is a leader in nnoise-cancelingtechnology. The business measures, contrasts, and responds to ambient noise using microscopic devices, then utilizes this information to cancel it out with opposing signals. You also have alternatives when choosing between the Silent or Aware modes. While Aware mode allows you to temporarily bring the outdoors into your headphones so you can hear the surroundings at the same time as your music, Silent mode offers complete noise suppression.

The active EQ of the Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones produces a balanced performance at any level, and the headphones sound fantastic as a result. In this manner, the bass remains constant even when the level is dialed down, and your favorite songs continue to sound clear even when the volume is raised. For those who enjoy fiddling with settings, customizable EQ guarantees that you can alter the bass, mid-range, and treble levels to achieve the results you desire. Instead, if you wish to skip forward, a variety of presets are also offered.

The Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones are the perfect fit for prolonged listening, no matter how you want to use them. The ear cushions and inside band of the headband are both covered in synthetic leather, which feels wonderful on your skull. While the Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones have a battery life of up to 24 hours on a single charge, it is easy to use them for longer periods without discomfort, which is handy. Also, you won’t have to wait long to resume your activities because a fast 15-minute charge gives you back three hours of charge.

Apple iPad 10.2 — $269, was $329

Because it is so inexpensive, the Apple iPad 10.2 is one of the greatest tablets available. Even though it’s the most affordable iPad available, it still has a tonne of essential functions. That’s partly because iPadOS is so well-designed, so you always have a wonderful experience. The Apple iPad 10.2 is frequently a wise option to occupy youngsters without spending a fortune on a more powerful iPad, making it probably best suited for family use.

The A13 Bionic processor with Neural Engine powers the Apple iPad 10.2’s processing. Although it’s no longer the quickest iPad processor available, it’s still more than adequate to keep things moving. Because of the miracles of iPadOS, it can multitask, and you can also check out the various Apple Arcade games here. The 10.2-inch Retina display with True Tone support makes an additional contribution to the latter. Whether you’re creating a presentation or playing a game while on the go, it offers you brilliant ccolorsand an appealing experience. With 64GB of storage, you have plenty of capacity to install games and programs, especially since you probably won’t be capturing as many images as you would with a smartphone.

Yet, the Apple iPad 10.2 is a decent tablet camera if you do snap pictures. It sports a 12MP Ultra Wide front camera with Center Stage capability in addition to an 8MP Wide rear camera. The first is adequate for a few pictures, but the second is more practical. While making video calls, Center Stage support is ideal since it keeps you in the spotlight as you speak, even if you move around a lot. Powerful stereo speakers and mics also improve your ability to hear and be heard during a call. The Apple iPad 10.2 completes the long list of features with a battery life of up to 10 hours and Touch ID support so you won’t have to manually input as many passwords. If you want to be more productive, it even works with the Apple Pencil (1st generation) and Smart Keyboard. It’s undoubtedly one of the most affordable Prime Day iPad offers available.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 — $560, was $700

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 has a lot of great features even if it didn’t quite make our list of the best Android tablets. If you want a more mobile workspace, a reasonably high-end tablet is well-suited to replace your laptop in many aspects. This is because it has several essential elements for anyone interested in working effectively. You won’t need to worry about our connection slipping away anytime soon because it boasts a Wi-Fi 6E chip and an improved Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU. Also, the 128GB of storage capacity is great, so you probably won’t need to replace it very soon.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8’s processor enables you to do virtually any function, including heavy multitasking and playing the newest games. The latter looks very nice on the 11-inch display of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 as well, which features a dynamic LCD screen that guarantees vibrant colors and clarity. Its huge 8,000mAh battery ensures all-day use, and a quick-charging USB-C connector will have you back up and running in no time. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 features a fantastic set of cameras, which is unusual for a tablet. The tablet includes a 4K video recording capability, and the ultra-wide front camera supports auto-framing for excellent video conversations. Also, three of the microphones include noise reduction so you can be heard better.

Also, the S Pen stylus that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is more responsive than before and feels like a genuine pen to use. It’s a terrific way to get a more tactile experience than just using the touchscreen if you want to sketch up a design or write down some notes. Also, you can expand your storage if necessary, making the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 a durable tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is a particularly enticing alternative for just about everyone because it is well-suited for all types of usage.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 — $700, was 900

With Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 4, you may have both mobility and productivity while purchasing one of the finest laptops. The Surface Laptop 4 is the ideal compact device for use at work, school, or a coffee shop thanks to its 13.5-inch PixelSense touchscreen, but it doesn’t scrimp on-screen space.

The AMD Ryzen 5 Surface Edition CPU is up to 70% quicker than the previous generation of Surface laptops and has enough power for all of your work demands. With 128GB of internal storage, integrated OneDrive cloud storage for all your critical files and photographs, and 8GB of RAM, games, and applications run swiftly and multitasking is a snap. A Surface Laptop’s battery life is also better than ever before, lasting up to 19 hours on a single charge. Don’t freak out if you run out of battery in the middle of a job endeavor. With fast charging, you can immediately resume your normal activities when the battery reaches 80% in about an hour.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 4’s svelte, ultra-thin form has a beautiful Platinum metal finish and looks great both at home and at work. The keyboard has a roomy layout so you won’t feel squished while you type emails or reports, and the white illumination on the keys can be set to three brightness levels, which is ideal if you find yourself working late into the night.

Also, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 offers every connector you could need, including USB-C and USB-A connections, a charging port, and that crucial headphone jack for watching videos or listening to music. Speaking of video conversations, you won’t be disappointed with this device’s front-facing 720p HD camera, which has two far-field Studio Mics for clear audio and to cut down on background noise.

With AMD Radeon integrated graphics, you can play light video games on this laptop, and Dolby Atmos audio provides immersive, theater-like sound whether streaming videos or viewing movies. Also designed for Windows Ink is the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4. Drawing or writing on images or videos before sharing them, drawing a line on a map to receive instructions, and many more features are all possible with applications that support Windows Ink.

This is the Windows laptop to buy if you want something compact and thin with a lot of productive capabilities.

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