Beginner French Courses – Try These Ones

Do you want to learn French? If you are looking for beginner study french in france you are in the right place! The most important things to do at the beginning are: learning the most common words, the most useful phrases and the most common grammar structures. The sites listed below will help you learn it all. I’m going to show you three useful sites for beginners. Here they are!

1. French Steps, Quick Fix and Ma France

BBC Languages has an excellent base of materials for all French learners. French Steps is exclusively for beginners. You will learn everything you need to get by in French. I call it a “tourist” French. Sign up for the French Steps Course learning tips and you will get a weekly helpful email about learning French. And it’s all free of charge! Quick Fix is another thing to learn from. It’s a list of French essential phrases filed under 8 categories. After completing French Steps Course you should know a lot of them, but it’s a great idea to repeat what you have learned. And the third one to learn from is Ma France which consists of 24 interactive video units for French learners.

2. iTunes

iTunes has dozens of free language learning podcasts. There also many French podcasts and some of them are designed especially for beginners. Search for “Learn French with Coffee Break French”, “French for Beginners” or “Learn French by Podcast”. Learning from podcasts is a great method for all busy people, because you can listen to podcasts while driving to the work, preparing food, ironing or waiting in a line. One of the most important things is to listen to one podcast at least two times in a row in order to memorize everything important.

3. French language has a whole site dedicated to French learners. If you are looking for beginner French course, there’s a great guide for people who are learning French on their own. There’s even a whole free six-month online French learning course with a checklist on what you need to learn each week.

These three sites provide a great material for every beginner. If you want to learn French, you can definitely learn it from these sites. However, keep in mind that only practice makes perfect. So, don’t sit around and start learning! And there’s one bonus secret: repeat, repeat, repeat!

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