The Jumbotail 44msinghtechcrunch company from Bangalore Bangalore-based Jumbotail is a startup, according to 44msinghtechcrunch. Bangalore-based Jumbotail is a business that runs an online market for wholesale food and grocery items. With the help of series B finance, it was able to raise $17 million.

Accel Partners supplied the funding, and Kalaari Capital, which had already invested in the previous five million Series A in 2016, joined them.

In the fourth quarter of 2013, Saman Khurana and Karthik Venkateswaran, who had previously worked with Amazon, established Jumbotail. Six Indian cities now have it running.

The company’s platform links suppliers, Kiranas (mom-and-pop stores), and medium- and small-sized businesses. For its customers, it also provides logistics and finance solutions.

According to Jumbotail, it has more than 50,000 registered users and has processed more than 1.5 million transactions over the past few years.

The business intends to use the money to broaden both its geographic and product reach. Additionally, the business intends to offer clients a new credit card.

Amazon Business, a wholesale affiliate of Jumbotail, is a rival. both the Flipkart Wholesale division and Amazon Business.


With the help of Accel Partners’ Series B investment, Jumbotail has acquired $17 million.

The finance included involvement from Kalaari Capital as well. Kalaari Capital participated in the inaugural $5 million Series A investment in 2016.

About $22 million total has been invested in Jumbotail.

The business intends to use the money to broaden the scope of its product offerings and geographic reach. The business intends to offer users a new credit card as well.

A section of Amazon called Wholesale, Amazon Business, and Flipkart Wholesale business are some of Jumbotail’s rivals.

In the latter quarter of 2013, Saman Khurana and Karthik Venkateswaran created Jumbotail. They had previously collaborated at Amazon.

The organization runs a platform that links suppliers to Kiranas (mom-and-pop shops) and small businesses. Additionally, it offers its clients logistical and finance services.

According to Jumbotail, their platform has more than 50,000 registered users. In recent months, it has handled over 1.5 million transactions.

Currently, Jumbotail operates in six Indian cities. With the most recent finance, Jumbotail intends to grow its business into other cities.


For its consumers, Jumbotail intends to update its credit card.

It will be made particularly with small businesses and Kiranas (mom-and-pop stores) using the Jumbotail platform in mind.

Customers will have flexible payback periods through Jumbotail’s credit program, which is backed by a loan from a reputable financial institution that is secured by collateral.

Customers of Jumbotail will be able to use the app whenever it launches in the coming months. across the six cities where Jumbotail is active.

Marketplace Platform

Our marketplace network links brands and basics manufacturers with thousands of mom-and-pop grocery shops, including supermarkets and “kirana stores.”

Wide Selection

We provide a broad range of premium essentials, packaged meals, personal care, and home care items from all the top manufacturers.

Quality Sourcing

By offering sourcing services and quality control services to our marketplace vendors, we make certain that our clients receive high-quality items.

Supply Chain and Logistics

To offer warehouse and fulfillment solutions to our sellers and storefront delivery to our customers, we own and run our full-stack tech-driven supply chain and logistics.

Credit and Payments

Through our fintech platform, we offer payment options as well as access to working capital financing from our lending partners for our buyers and sellers.

J24 New Retail Platform

We provide mom-and-pop business owners Retail-as-a-Service with a Point of Sale that is completely connected with our supply chain and fintech to assist them to operate contemporary convenience retail establishments.

Golden Eye Retail OS

Jumbotail’s in-house cloud-based Retail Operating System, Golden Eye, assists tiny Kirana shop owners in running contemporary convenience supermarkets. The Golden Eye stack, which is tightly linked with Jumbotail’s online B2B marketplace, consists of POS billing, merchandising, inventory management, CRM, loyalty, payments, credit, deep analytics & insights, and payments.


The Amazon Wholesale division, Amazon Business, and Flipkart Wholesale division are Jumbotail’s key rivals.

In the Indian market, Amazon Business is a relatively new firm. Several cities presently have it accessible.

Itself, Flipkart has been operating a wholesale section for more than two years. It is accessible in more than 25 major Indian cities.

According to the number of orders and clients it has served, Jumbotail is the most well-liked brand in the industry.

According to the business, its website has more than 50,000 registered users. So far, it has filled more than 1.5 million orders.

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