AMC stock that rallied 150% this year announces 10:1 stock split. Details here

2022 stock split: The board of directors of asset management company Greencrest Financial Services has authorised a 10:1 division of shares. Inferentially, one equity share having a face value of 10 will now be split into 10 equity shares with a face value of 1 rupee each.

The corporate board established October 12, 2022, as the stock split record date.

The AMC firm sent a statement notifying the stock split of Greencrest Financial Services to the stock market exchange, which states, “Members are hereby notified that the Company has selected 12th October 2022 as a record date for the purpose of Sub-division of Face Value of Equity Shares.”

At its meeting on August 30, 2022, the board of directors recommended a 10:1 stock split, and the record date for the stock split was scheduled for September 27, 2022. The AMC Company informed Indian stock exchanges of its decision.

Bulls in the stock market showed interest in the AMC share after hearing about the stock split, which increased the company’s trading volume and set off a strong upward trend.

Five out of the last seven sessions have seen the stock hit the upper circuit, as opposed to six of the previous seven sessions. The premier circuit was skipped on Thursday last week.

Greencrest Financial Services share price history

Year-to-date (YTD) in 2022, the share price of Greencrest Financial Services has doubled investor capital. This year, it has grown by 150 percent, from about $7 to $7.17 each piece.

About Greencrest Financial Services Ltd

Both the CSE and the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) list the AMC company (Calcutta Stock Exchange). The name under which it was created in February 1993 was Marigold Glass Industries Limited, according to information on the business’ website.

It changed its name to Greencrest Financial Services Limited in May 2013. Additionally, the business states on its website that it operates as an NBFC, invests its excess cash in shares and securities, and is one of the non-deposit accepting NBFCs registered with the RBI.

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